What you didn’t know about Uhuru’s 150M bike escort


  • The previous year, President Uhuru was allocated 150 million for his bike escort.
  • The money was invested in BMW high end bikes that now escort the president.
  • Today, we explore the task and nature of the bike escort. Including the riders.

Detailed news

If you have witnessed the official presidential mortocade, then you must have seen bikes that form a v-shape before all the other vehicles. The obvious reason that everyone assumes is that they are there to clear the way for the president, however, they do more than this. The bikers are trained to offer security to the president. They are also equiped with small arms such as self-loading pistols and revolvers.

As per a security expert, they are trained to offer protection, clear the way and also as pace setters for the presidential mortocade. “They are all trained and are part of the escort unit. However, they have more responsibilities such as pace-setting. They dictate how fast the motorcade can be driven at one point and how slow at another. “Although all of the units are trained on this and they have stipulated speed they need to drive at,” Security expert Werunga says.

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Most at times, the bikes firm a v-shape before the vehicles. They are usually five or six. The bikes are transported under tight security to any point in case the president travels by air. Just like all the other presidential escort vehicles, the bikes are amored.

The escort unit not only provides escort for the president but also for retired presidents, the president family, the deputy president, visiting heads of state and all other VVIPs. The inspector general gives order on who to escort.

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