TSC promotions and salary increment 2022: What you need to know

In days gone up to date, TSC teachers have been demonstrating in the streets over getting their salaries increased and their living conditions made better. Fortunately, the Kenya National Union of Teachers hopped in as lifesavers and fought a good fight regarding the increment of the Kenyan teachers’ pay. In this article, we are going to have a view at TSC promotions and salary increment 2022: What you need to know.

The Salaries commission made an agreement with the teachers that they were going to increase the pay in three consecutive phases. The Salaries and Remuneration board expected to boost the TSC members’ pay to do away with the unnecessary chants and time-wasting demonstrations in the streets by implementing the Collective Bargaining Agreement.

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New Teachers Service Commission grading and Salaries system

Below is the breakdown and illustration of the current Teachers Service Commission grading and salaries system for TSC members. Due to the upgrading of TSC teachers in Kenya, brandy job groups emerged while others were scrapped off during the process. With the new teachers grading system, the P1 grade under job category G was wiped off and compensated with a new grade i.e. Grade B5. This was declared the new entry grade for primary school teachers in Kenya 2021.

The Teachers Service Commission renamed and modified the other grades as follows:

• From J – C1
• From K – C2
• From L – C3
• From M – C4
• From N – C5

Besides the job categories stated above, there is a higher job group namely; P, Q, and R. They were later restructured to:

• P – D1
• Q – D2
• R – D3

However, KNUT Kenya proposed the addition of two more job groups i.e. S and T which were eventually granted and included in the new system. S was renamed to D4 while T was changed to D5. Chief Principals in the TSC fall under the D5 job group of the new grading system.

TSC salary scales- Promotions and salary increments

Eager to know and master the new TSC salary scale? Teachers receive their pay differently depending on one job group to another. Some TSC educators earn relatively higher salaries while others earn less. In 2016, the Salaries and Remuneration Commission assessed the teaching practice and came up with a new grading system. These grades contain specific designation codes…

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