TSC promotions and salary increment 2022: What you need to know

In days gone up to date, TSC teachers have been demonstrating in the streets over getting their salaries increased and their living conditions made better. Fortunately, the Kenya National Union of Teachers hopped in as lifesavers and fought a good fight regarding the increment of the Kenyan teachers’ pay. In this article, we are going to have a view of TSC promotions and salary increment 2022: What you need to know. The Salaries commission made an agreement with the teachers that they were going to increase the pay in three consecutive phases. The Salaries and Remuneration board expected to boost the TSC members’ pay to do away with the unnecessary chants and time-wasting demonstrations in the streets by implementing the Collective Bargaining Agreement.

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Below is the breakdown and illustration of the current Teachers Service Commission grading and salaries system for TSC members. Due to the upgrading of TSC teachers in Kenya, brandy job groups emerged while others were scrapped off during the process. With the new teachers grading system, the P1 grade under job category G was wiped off and compensated with a new grade i.e. Grade B5. This was declared the new entry grade for primary school teachers in Kenya in 2022.

The Teachers Service Commission renamed and modified the other grades as follows:

• From J – C1
• From K – C2
• From L – C3
• From M – C4
• From N – C5

Besides the job categories stated above, there is a higher job group namely; P, Q, and R. They were later restructured to:

• P – D1
• Q – D2
• R – D3

However, KNUT Kenya proposed the addition of two more job groups i.e. S and T which were eventually granted and included in the new system. S was renamed to D4 while T was changed to D5. Chief Principals in the TSC fall under the D5 job group of the new grading system.

TSC salary scales- Promotions and salary increments

Eager to know and master the new TSC salary scale? Teachers receive their pay differently depending on one job group to another. Some TSC educators earn relatively higher salaries while others earn less. In 2016, the Salaries and Remuneration Commission assessed the teaching practice and came up with a new grading system. These grades contain specific designation codes for every TSC registered tutor. Teachers with high qualifications are most probably going to receive a job promotion thus gaining a boost in their salary whereby others will be automatically upgraded to new allowances and salary scales as illustrated.

Grade B5

This category was made from combining the two job groups G  & H meant for Primary tutor II. This is the current new inlet grade for primary tutors recruitmrnt. All tachers in this category will receive an elevation to Grade C1. The CBA (Collective Bargaining Agreement) estimates the number of primary teachers who are likely to benefit from this as approximately 100,000. Tutors in this grade earn a monthly pay of around Ksh. 21.770 to Ksh. 27.195. According to the new promotion and salary increment ammendment, Grade B5 teachers earn a bsic salary ranging between Ksh. 27,200 and Ksh. 33,950.

 Grade C1

Previously, the Kenya Union of Post-Primary Education of teachers (KUPPET) has put its best foot forward to fight for the teachers’ rights. Around 5,000 secondary tutors in Kenyan secondary schools with a diploma are going to be granted promotions.

Unfortunately, the teachers in this Group C[2] (Bachelor’s degree in education) will not receive a boost in their salary. These teachers include: SNE teacher II (primary), secondary tutor II, Lecturer II and senior tutor II. They earn a salary ranging between Ksh. 34,960 and Ksh. 43,700.

Group C3

This grade contains a category of teachers who formerly belonged to the job group L i.e. the senior teacher I and Secondary tutor 1 as well. This group of teachers is part of the actualization of the 4th phase of promotion of tutors with a higher qualification.

Formerly, they could receive a monthly pay of around Ksh. 41,400 and Ksh. 52,000 while they are expected to earn a total of between Ksh. 43,200 and Ksh. 54,000.

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Grade C4

This job group was created for SNE Senior tutor IV (primary institutions), senior master IV, SNE teacher I (Secondary), Senior lecturer IV and Deputy head administrator II. Luckily, this group of TSC teachers is part of the CBA agreement.

The minimum salary in this grade is Ksh. 45,300 while the maximum pay is Ksh. 51,650. The new Salary and allowances increment agreement states that they will start earning a maximum monthly salary of Ksh. 52,300.

Grade C5

This job grade comprises headteachers, Deputy head administrators I and Senior master III. They are also going to be granted a significant salary raise from their previous earning of around Ksh. 51,700- 62,300 to a monthly salary of between Ksh. 62,300 and Ksh. 65,000.

Grade D1

This group of tutors consists the Senior master III, Senior head teacher, Deputy principal III, Curriculum-support officer I and lastly; senior lecturer II. Following the CBA agreement, they are supposed to receive a salary increase from their previous pay. Erstwhile, they used to earn a monthly salary ranging from Ksh. 74,700 to Ksh. 82,400. However, since July 2020 henceforth, they are expected to be receiving a monthly payroll of Ksh. 77,900- 85,300.

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Grade D2

This TSC job category is supposed to receive a boost in their monthly income as stated in the CBA agreement. It comprises Senior Master I and Deputy Principal II. Previously, they would receive a monthly income of Ksh. 82,700 to Ksh. 87,900. In the new TSC salary plan, they are supposed to be earning a minimum of Ksh. 83,900 and a monthly salary of Ksh. 91,000.

Grade D3

This grade is composed of Principals and deputy principals upon the SRC review. The CBA agreement states that this group should receive an increase in their monthly salary and allowances from their previous pay. Initially, they could earn a minimum of Ksh. 93,900 and a max of Ksh. 102,800. Their new monthly salary is expected to be Ksh. 106,650 in a month.

Grade D4

This job grade consists of Senior Principals. Salary increment in this category highly depends on the category of school one is administering. Considering the 3rd phase of the CBA agreement, teachers in this group earn a salary of around Ksh. 109,250 to Ksh. 118,170. Following the fourth phase implementation in July, 2020; the D4 tutors are expected to receive an increase to Ksh. 118,250 minimum and a maximum pay of Ksh. 121,900 for the highest earning teacher.

Grade D5

This is the TSC chief principals’ category. They fall under the fourth phase of the CBA agreement. Initially, they would earn a salary ranging from Ksh. 121,820 to Ksh. 157,700. After the implementation, they are expected to be granted a monthly income of around Ksh. 131,400 and Ksh. 157,700.

In early 2020, the Teachers Service Commission posted their job promotion adverts in various job websites and platforms. New vacancies and opportunities were announced both in secondary and primary schools as well. Many applicants did not qualify for a basic degree in primary school vacancies and a Master’s degree in Principal recruitment. There’s likely to be a promotion of every P1 tutor in possession of a degree.

Requirements for TSC promotions and salary increment 2022: What you should know

For a TSC teacher to receive a grade promotion to a higher grade in Kenya today, there is a number of factors and requirements to be considered for one to be successfully elevated to a higher grade.

Primary school teachers

Here are the requisites for a primary teacher to receive a promotion in Kenya today:

  • A minimum mean grade of C(plain) in KCSE
  • A PTE (Primary Teacher Education)
  • A minimum aggregate grade of C- and a PTE certification for visually impaired tutors

High School teachers

A high school tutor teacher should attain the following requirements to receive a promotion:

  • An average grade of C+(Plus) in their KCSE or equivalent
  • A diploma certificate in their teaching subject
  • An additional diploma cert in Technical education incase of a C-(minus), diploma or certificate in their specialty.
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Special needs education Tutors

All special needs education tutors should meet the following requirements to earn a promotion in Kenya today:

  • An average grade of C+ in KCSE
  • A Bachelor’s degree or Diploma in special needs education

Before applying for a Teacher’s Service Commission promotion in Kenya 2021, you should be certain that there is a vacancy. One can look out for vacancies on the TSC portal pages for promotion adverts. On the page, you will find the list of various vacancies for promoting tutors with higher qualifications. Upon checking and determining the suitable vacancy, you can now start your application. Remember to have a National ID, TSC no. copies of your certificates (scanned).

TSC promotions and salary increment 2022: What you need to know

Below is a step-to-step procedure on how to apply for a TSC promotion in Kenya 2021:

  1. Go to the TSC website and open the promotion and advert page
  2. Tap the ‘Actions’ button next to the job description you’re interested in and making your application for.
  3. Click the ‘view apply’ tab that shows up on the screen from the dropdown menu bar.
  4. After redirection to the new page, you’ll be prompted to fill in your personal data including your TSC number, surname, ID number, and passport number as well.
  5. As soon as the verification is done, you will be required to specify you’re your service under ‘career progression guidelines’
  6. Hit the ‘Continue‘ button to go on with your application.
  7. Following the subsequent prompts, fill in the required details and submit any required documents
  8. Upon completion of your application, it will be forwarded to the appropriate department in charge. You should receive your response on the portal over time whether your application was rejected or approved.

With the steps and guidelines illustrated above on applying for a TSC promotion in Kenya today, each teacher should be able to apply for a job vacancy or promotion as long as vacancy is declared in the specific position. In this text, you’ll learn about the TSC promotions and salary increment 2021 and everything you need to know. Hereby, I’m going to list various TSC contacts in case of any queries or inquiries about the TSC services and everything you need to know.

TSC Contacts

  • Location: Along Ngong RD; Milimani, Nairobi.
  • Po.Box address: 70180- 00400
  • Cellphone number: 020-2892000
  • Email address: info@tsc.go.ke
  • Website: www.tsc.go.ke
  • Twitter: @TSK_KE
  • Facebook: @TSC Kenya

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