TSC allowances per job group Latest circular

The TSC (Teachers Service Commission) is a board that was launched by the government to perform HR duties in the education sector on its behalf. With the new job groups that have emerged, teachers are thrilled since promotions and salary increments come in handy too. Allowances in every job category have been boosted as well. In this text, we are going to take a deep look at the TSC allowances per the job group’s latest circular. In the past years, Kenyan teachers have been holding numerous demonstrations and strikes due to issues of low pay thus demand salary increment.

Teachers Service Commission hardship allowances per group

The Teachers Service Commission released the allowances enumeration for secondary as well as primary school teachers were eventually released. Here’s a tabulated distribution illustrating the commission’s allowances in every job group:

Teachers Service Commission hardship allowances per group

TSC’s new Salary system for teachers (Colleges, secondary, primary schools)

All teachers who contribute to learners’ education in Kenya today have been granted an increment in their pay and allowances as well.

Primary schools

Following the new CBA ‘seven billion deal’, members of the Teachers Service Commission have at least gotten a boost in their income. Tutors across the country are eagerly expecting a pay rise this year. Ranging from boarding schools today primary schools Administrators (group K), their salaries and allowances are going to be increased to around Ksh. 77,840 to Ksh. 93,500 every end month (Grade D1).

Headteachers with a lower student population will move to C5 whereby they will earn a salary ranging between Ksh. 62,300 and Ksh. 77,850 every month. All primary school deputy teachers will automatically be shifted to C5.

Secondary schools

All secondary school headteachers gladly shift to their new grade, D5 as their salary is sky striken to around Ksh. 131,400 to Ksh. 157,700 at the end of every month. Secondary school teachers are the highest earning individuals in the entire grading system. The allowances have also been revised and boosted in different school categories.

Principals administering extra-county secondary schools have been shifted to grade D5 while their deputies have been automatically moved to D3. Moreover, senior administrators will start earning between Ksh. 118,250 and Ksh. 148,850 every month.

Colleges and polytechnics

College administrators i.e. College and polytechnic principals as well as their deputies; have not been left behind in the salary and allowance increment course. Upon the new salary structures and grading systems, the administrators in charge will get to earn between Ksh. 77,850 and Ksh. 93,410. Their deputies are automatically promoted to grade C3, granting them a salary ranging between Ksh. 43,160 and Ksh. 55,950.

TSC allowances per job group Latest circular

Following the CBA implementation, Kenyan teachers will be granted a boost in their pay to effectively meet their needs and interests. Looking back at the consequent push and pull with the government, tutors are going to emerge winners from the new system.

Principals and their deputies have been given a significant boost in their salaries and allowances thus making them one of the biggest gainers of the CBA implementation.

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CBA agreement phase one

CBA agreement phase one

Teachers Service Commission house allowances

Teachers living in the capital city and big towns will be given a relatively higher boost in their allowance clusters due to higher living standards compared to those staying in sub-urban and rural areas. These pay raises became effective as from 1st July 2020 i.e. the TSC allowances per job group- Latest circular. For instance, P1 teachers (group H) living and working in Nairobi earn Ksh.6,750 a month from Ksh.6,170 while those in other towns like Nakuru, Kisumu and Malindi earn Ksh.4,500 from Ksh. 4,000.

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Group J teachers who are Nairobi residents and workers earn a house allowance of Ksh. 10,000 from Ksh. 8,670 while those from other towns receive Ksh. 7,500; rose from Ksh. 6,170 a month.

Group K tutors who live and work in Nairobi earn Ksh. 16,500 every month while their colleagues with the same jobs but in other towns earn Ksh. 12,800. Teachers in the same job group from other minor counties and towns bring home Ksh. 9,600. Those in rural areas will carry home a house allowance of Ksh. 7,500. All TSC tutors are really thrilled by the CBA teachers due to the significant boosts in their salaries and allowances as well. With the TSC allowances per job group’s latest circular illustrated in this blog, I believe you’ll be able to analyze and understand the new TSC salary and grading systems.

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