Update: The methods of how you can increase your fuliza limit in this article worked in 2021 and January 2022. However, out of the heavy traffic of users trying these hacks, safaricom realized the system gap and recently closed it. You can no longer increase your fuliza limit by opting in and out. However, as usual, our dedicated team has been trying to find another hack mechanism to increase your fuliza limit and we just found one. No one has this trick yet and safaricom mpesa has not noticed it yet.

This hack shall work for the first few months from now before Safaricom mpesa realizes the gap. No tech knowledge is required and anyone can follow the steps and get their fuliza limit ammounts instantly increased. The sooner you use this trick the better, just like the former trick benefitted the early users.

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No other services or person has discovered this hack and we shall not give it free either. Click here on ‘buy now’ below, fill in your details and pay 150 shillings automatically via mpesa and get your pdf copy of the process in your email inbox. Follow the steps in the e-book keenly and get your limit increased immediately after you’re done with the process. Do not forget to rate our service and comment about your success to appreciate our service. In case of any issues, please contact us via

Fuliza overdraft service applies to Safaricom subscribers who have been using their lines for at least 6 months.

Once you qualify, you are given a limit that can be increased but not easily. To access fuliza, dial *234# and follow the prompts.

In case your fuliza loan limit is low and you need to increase it, the only way to instantly increase your fuliza loan limit is below.

Most customers find their fuliza loan limit to be zero or very low. This limit can be increased, however few manage to increase their fuliza loan limit significantly. In case you want to increase your loan limit, from first:

  1. Make frequent Safaricom transactions

    Safaricom fuliza considered your usage of its services as a factor. Ensure you have a clear credit record with them from other services such as okoa, m-shwari, and KCB MPesa.

  2. After being offered the first loan, pay your loans in time.

    A clean credit score on the fuliza MPesa loans service shall increase your limit.

  3. However, if you have done the above in vain, we have a little trick you can try

    Opt-out of fuliza MPesa then opt-in again. When you opt-in again, your limit shall instantly be increased. However, take note that your limit might be decreased too.

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How to fuliza Mpesa

  1. First, dial *234# and send
  2. Next, choose 0 on the given options
  3. Then choose 1 to opt into fuliza mpesa
  4. Choose 1 again to confirm mpesa fuliza terms and conditions.

How to withdraw money from mpesa fuliza

Mpesa fuliza does not allow you to withdraw your fuliza amount, you can only pay bills or send money.

However, you can use this simple trick to withdraw your mpesa fuliza limit.

Send the fuliza limit to an alternative Safaricom number, it might be yours or a friend’s.

Then you can now withdraw the amount and get cash.


    1. Hello Mr. Patrick,
      We are sorry to for your situation. As we informed you earlier in this article, opting in and out no longer works to increase your fuliza limit.
      Please follow the steps in this e-book here to increase your fuliza limit instantly.
      TK TEAM.

  1. Johnstone kiura

    Have been enjoying fuliza of 3500 but once I opted out,it decreased to 1500, I do not know the reason.

    1. Hello Mr. Kiura,
      As we informed you earlier in this article, opting in and out of fuliza no longer works to increase your fuliza mpesa limit.
      Please follow the steps in this e-book here to increase your fuliza limit instantly.
      TK TEAM.

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