HELB Loan Application Requirements And Guidelines 2023


HELB Loan Application Requirements

  1. You must be enrolled in a private or public university that is recognized by CUE (the Commission for University Education) 
  2. One must have applied for the loan before since this application is available for individuals applying subsequently. It could be the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th subsequent time but not the first.  
  3. One must be pursuing a Bachelor’s degree, a parallel, Self-sponsored, or module II program to access this loan  

New Govt HELB Loan Application Guidelines

  • The National government is planning on making changes to the HEL loan application process and setting measures of qualification.
  • This move is aimed at increasing access to the HELB loan, especially for those who have been locked out in the past years.
  • The new proposal to amend the HELB 2021 guidelines will allow students under 18 years (No ID) to apply for the fund.

The Government has decided to make some changes to the Higher Education Loans Board funding to students to help students who have been locked out previously gain access. The new proposal is expected to change the application and qualification measures. The new guidelines declare that even students below the legal age will be allowed to make the HELB loan application. Let’s go through the HELB Loan Application Guidelines.

New Helb guidelines
The New Govt HELB Loan Application Guidelines

Under 18 years HELB loan application

In the current and previous HELB loan qualification measures, only students above the age of 18 years were allowed to apply for HELB loans. However, the new proposal is expected to however change this since students below 18 will be able to access and apply for HELB loans and funds.

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These students will be using their parents’ IDs as co-signatories for the meantime as they await their National Identification cards to be processed. They’ll be required to fill in their full names and details as well as their parents. This will help fund students who managed to make it to university at an early age. This proposal was made after the government came to the conclusion that young university students have been undergoing difficult times in their studies due to a lack of funds.

HELB Loan Application measures

The Higher Education Loan Board grants university students loans of up to Ksh. 70,000 for their day-to-day educational funding. During the previous disbursement, many students were left out due to a lack of National IDs. The government is however conducting research concerning the respective amount that should be issued to different institutions depending on different levels of productivity and graduates’ employability rate.

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