Self-confessed serial killer Bribed police to Escape

serial killer attacked by mob in Bungoma

Self-confessed serial killer Bribed police to Escape

• The late Masten Wanjala managed to get out of police custody after bribing security officers on duty.
• He camouflaged amongst other inmates who were on release on bond the same day.
• Wanjala was released with the petty offenders thus making his way out and headed to Bungoma where he met his fate.

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Self-confessed serial killer Bribed police to Escape

We are receiving reports that the self-confessed serial killer bribed his way out of police custody. Wanjala had been accused of the murders of 13 children thus getting detained for at least a month then at Jogoo RD police station. Masten Wanjala was linked to the deaths of minors in his home Bungoma, Eastern Kenya, and even Nairobi. After doing some research and analyzing reports, we were told that Wanjala paid some police officers who were on duty on that day to earn his freedom.
The policemen on duty that day accepted the offer and helped him disguise himself amongst petty offenders who were being released that morning. Upon getting out, the suspect clung to a trailer truck back to Bungoma (his final hide spot). The three policemen have been detained after this story surfaced and they are apparently being convicted of the crime.

serial killer attacked by mob in bungoma

On the other hand, Wanjala was not aware of what was awaiting him in the long-run, his fate. He was unlucky this time since someone had seemingly spotted him as soon as he came around. The Villagers trailed him for like a whole day, before catching him and taking the law in their hands. Wanjala was pulled out of his house and lynched on the spot by the villagers who were so angry. The local police tried to arrive on the scene early just to get overpowered by the mob. Mr. Wanjala died on the spot and his body was transported to the nearest mortuary. The Villagers felt relieved since they had avenged the minors’ deaths and mob justice was the way.

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