Raila Odinga’s Ksh.6,000 Monthly Stipend Won’t Work-Wanjigi


Raila Odinga’s Ksh.6,000 Monthly Stipend Won’t Work-Wanjigi


  • Jimmy Wanjigi claims that his opponent Raila Odinga’s proposal will be unfair for every hardworking Kenyan giving their best to build our Nation. 
  • Wanjigi says that giving cash to non-working Kenyans will only promote laziness amongst Kenyans thus making the proposal inapplicable.
  • He also told Kenyans that he’s still going to contest for the Orange Democratic Party’s presidential ticket regardless of the challenges he’s facing. 

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Raila’s Ksh.6,000 monthly stipend is inapplicable

The contesting ODM presidential ticket candidate Jimmy Wanjigi spoke before the Kenyans today despising Raila’s monthly stipend proposal. 

Jimmy said that Raila’s proposal to offer Ksh.6,000 to non-working Kenyans was an applicable agenda. He said that such mentality could only take us back to the old unproductive days. 

Therefore, according to his perspective, the plan was just nothing but a few castles in the air. Wanjigi tried to reason out with his audience and he later made a conclusion that if such a proposal is implemented, the government is expected to spend up to Ksh. 300 billion in a year. 

He quoted the government books which stated that Kenya has more than 4 million non-working youths. Therefore, if six thousand shillings are given to each unemployed youth in the country, this would sum up to 300 billion Kenyan Shillings. No working citizen will just sit and watch unemployed individuals receiving free cash. 

Jimmy Wanjigi said that the forthcoming leader should aim at helping implement the NSS (National Social Security) actt. Implementing the Act will help the unemployed Kenyans financially. Wanjigi said that despite passing the Act in parliament in 2013, we haven’t actualized it yet. Jimmy is hoping for a fair nomination process since he’s stepping forward to vie for the Kenyan presidential seat in 2022. 

He concluded by challenging ODM’s council to embrace transparency, as well as democracy during the party nomination process. 

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