Puff And Pass Permanent Jobs in SA 2022/2023

This page is a complete guide and illustration of Puff and Pass Jobs in South Africa 2022/2023 which will help you improve yourself professionally and even earn a Long-term job, if not permanent a Permanent one.

Puff And Pass Permanent Jobs in SA 2022/2023

We have a list of Internship and Learnership opportunities for you to choose from. Read and assess though the lists to find out which Jobs suit you the best.

Puff and Pass South Africa Jobs 2022

There’s an official Puff and Pass Website for South Africans which has a collection of the best internships, learnerships, bursaries, and even apprenticeships for SA Students and undergraduates seeking to undertake their careers. Several students have testified how they followed puff and pass job trends and ended up earning themselves permanent occupations in firms.

SA Internships and Learnership Jobs | Puff & Pass

Hereby, well provide you with a list of Learnerships and internships which are available for application and qualification. Learnerships are favorable if you’re seeking to specialize in a certain field without having to pay for it. Some learnerships will even offer you income as time goes by.

On the other hand, you can apply for an internship if you’re seeking a long-term or permanent occupation. An internship will definitely grant you valuable experience in the field you’re pursuing and eventually get you employed if you exhibit elegant results. Let’s check out the number of puff and pass jobs readily available for application in the year 2022/2023

Puff & Pass Internship Jobs

Puff and Pass Internships are meant for students who have a Degree or a Diploma who crave practical work experience in their respective field. Most Institutions don’t grant graduates the required and appropriate skills to help and support them in the job industry.

The work experience and practical knowledge offered during these internships is definitely going to help an individual gain self confidence and stand out in his/her Work environment thereafter. An internship can take from a week up to 12 months. During this period, the candidate gets to comprehend and familiarize with their work environment, using the field knowledge they’d gained in University or College.

Puff & Pass Learnership Jobs

Puff and pass learnerships are Career-based education & training plan meant to help students bridge between their structured course learning, and practical work experience. Learnerships help students comprehend their field of study expansively thus granting them qualification requirements.

Puff And Pass Permanent Jobs in South Africa

Run by SETA (Sector Education & Training Authorities), this program was launched by the South African Government t assist all skill learners get ready for their workplaces after completing studies. Learnerships will help you put your theory to work. The program consists of Theoretical courses and Practical Trainings carried out in the respective workplace.

The puff and pass Learnership offer you training in the desired field and simultaneous salaries in certain sectors. Learnership are favorable to individuals who have a Matric certificate for their highest academic qualification.

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Puff and Pass Apprenticeships

When seeking puff and pass jobs, one can go for an apprenticeship in a certain firm of organization. This program can be acquired through trades like Engineering, electrical, plumbing etc. Apprenticeships could take a duration of upto 3 or 4 years depending on the nature of complexity in your field.

The candidate will offer practical labor in their workplace to gain experience and even get employed eventually upon completing the program. Apprenticeships are usually offered to more Practical fields and professions which might require 3-6 years skill practice. To be enrolled in a certain firm for an apprenticeship, you’ll have to achieve the set requirements. Fortunately, most companies guarantee you a permanent employment after your apprenticeship.

Puff & Pass Bursaries

Financial difficulties should not be an obstacle to studying and pursuing your dream career since there are Vast Puff and Pass bursaries in South Africa for Students ‘struggling with their education due to scarcity of Funds. You’re recommended to check out the Puff and Pass official Website for updates concerning available internships, learnerships, apprenticeships and bursaries that suit your Vocational needs.

Benefits of Puff and Pass South Africa Website

The Puff and Pass official SA Website is meant for South African residents seeking new jobs, or those looking forward to switch careers. The website helps first-time applicants get jobs, and beginner career professionals to explore their work industry further thus gaining experience and a permanent occupation eventually.

Puff And Pass Permanent Jobs in SA

After undertaking a Puff & Pass internship or learnership, the applicant will definitely be recognized in their Field by relative firms and Employers in the respective job market.

Puff and Pass Jobs in South Africa 2022/2023

JOBJob TypeCategoryJob Details
Afrika TikkunOffice Administration & SupportInternshipLocation: KZN, Gauteng
Sibanye-StillwaterEngineeringInternshipLocation: Gauteng
PyrotecBursaryLearnershipSouth Africa
KZNDept. of Community Safety & LiaisonInternshipLocation: Pietermaritzburg, KwaZulu-Natal
SasolArtisanLearnershipKwaZulu-Natal, Gauteng, Mpumalanga
Standard BankAccounting & FinanceInternshipSouth Africa
Anglo AmericanMiningLearnershipKhatu
Ubuntu InstituteHuman Resouce
Business Management
InternshipMatsamo, Nongoma, Zastron, Welkom, Alwal North
Blind SABlind & Partial Visually ImpairedBursarySouth Africa
Amatola Water BoardLabor Relations
Supply Chain management
Contracts Management
Safety Health
InternshipEastern Cape, East London
InternshipJohannesburg, Auckland Park, Guateng
TransalloysChemical EngineeringLearnershipEmalahleni
Puff and Pass Jobs in South Africa

Puff and Pass Registration and Application Process

Before we look at the Puff & Pass application, and registration requirements, we’d like to remind you that; you can apply for an internship or learnership if you have a 12th Grade Certificate in SA.

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On the other hand, some employers won’t even ask for any qualification requirements. Let’s delve into how one can apply for their preferred puff and pass job programme:

Time needed: 10 minutes.

How to Register for Puff and Pass Jobs

  1. Indicate Location and Closing Date

    The Candidate should indicate the application’s eligible locations and the closing date

  2. Application Process

    Perfectly perform the application process whether it’s online, via email, or even through fax.

  3. Academic requirements

    Puff & Pass require the indicator to present their requisite academic requirements.

  4. Contact Info

    The Applicant should provide contacts which will be used for enquiries

  5. Avoid these E-mail Platforms

    The applicant should avoid Gmail, Yahoo, and Webmail

  6. Application Submission Format*

    The internship and Learnership application should be done through a Typed Email, or attachment (Microsoft Word .*doc docx), PDF, or txt format. NOTE: Secured/scanned documents will be rejected.

  7. Puff and Pass Programme info

    The submission should hold information relative to the Programme being applied for only.

  8. Submit your Application

    Submit your learnership, internship, apprenticeship or bursary application via this e-mail address: submissions@puffandpass.co.za
    AVOID sending CVs to the given e-mail address!
    Submit Online Application URL where applicable.
    Submitting your application is FREE.

How to Apply for a Job via Puff and Pass Website

  1. Visit the official website @ www.puffandpass.co.za
  2. Browse through the various field listed on the site
  3. Click on your desired field to view ‘Listing by Field’
  4. Go to your preferred internship or learnership
  5. Read the program’s job details and specifications then set your qualification docuents ready
  6. Submit your application to the given address for the program
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We believe we’ve provided all the important and required information concerning Puff and Pass Jobs in South Africa. This guide suits all puff & pass applicants for job internships, learnerships, bursaries, and even apprenticeships. Visit the official South African Puff & Pass website for more info and Job updates open for applications.

Puff & Pass South Africa FAQs

What is a Puff and Pass Learnership programme?

Puff and pass learnerships are Career-based education & training plan meant to help students bridge between their structured course learning, and practical work experience. Learnerships help students comprehend their field of study expansively thus granting them qualification requirements.

How long does Puff and Pass Learnerships take?

The Puff and Pass learnerships usually take an average of 12 months i.e. 1 year. However, some learnerships can be completed within less than a year, whilst some might take 2 years or more. Different programmes have their respective fixed duration depending on the nature of your course.

What are Puff and Pass Learnership Entry requirements?

Fortunately, most puff & pass learnerships don’t really demand a specific set of requirements. Some employers might however require a credible grade 12 certificate. Essentially the employers or recruiters will ask the applicant for a qualification evidence to show that they have some experience in their respective field.

What will the Puff and Pass learnership cost?

Puff & Pass learnerships are usually Free off charge for all applicants and candidates seeking vacancies. You’re therefore not required to pay any application fee or Tuition.

What are the requirements for Puff and Pass learnerships?

All successful Puff and Pass applicants are expected to sign on two crucial legal documents, a Learnership agreement, and the Employment contract. The Learnership agreement is not only signed by the candidate, but also their Employer, and his/her Trainer.

How do I unsubscribe from Puff and Pass updates?

To unsubscribe, go to one Email sent to you by the Puff & pass website, then click the ‘Unsubscribe’ button. Follow the prompt instructions on the following page to complete the action.

How do I subscribe to Puff and Pass Updates?

Visit the Puff and Pass official site and go to the ‘Get Updates Via E-mail’ on the top right of your screen (Computer) or check out the Bottom of the Page if you’re browsing on your phone. After clicking the tab, you’ll complete the process by responding to an Activation Email on your Mail Inbox.

Are Puff and Pass Jobs open for application?

Absolutely, puff and pass jobs available for application are usually posted on the puff & pass official website and on other recruitment sites as well. You can search for the jobs available for South Africans on the internet, or check out the updated lists on specific websites.

Which Puff and Pass jobs are available in South Africa?

When seeking to apply for a puff and pass job in SA, you can apply for an internship, learnership, apprenticeship or even a bursary for undertaking a certain career field in the country.

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