Price of reinforcement steel bar in Kenya and suppliers to trust

For any construction, reinforcement steel bars are among the main inputs. Reinforcement steel bars are ribbed metal bars used to reinforce concrete in construction projects. Reinforcement steel is used especially on pillars, slabs, and columns. The important arising question is the price of reinforcement steel bars in Kenya.  

Ribbed steel bars are best for concrete reinforcement compared to twisted steel bars. Uganda and other countries banned the use of twisted steel bars in construction and encouraged the use of ribbed steel bars, Kenya followed suit in 2017. 

Twisted and ribbed steel bars

Below are the qualities of ribbed bars 

Size8mm to 40 mm wide 
Yield stress420n/mm2
tensile strength500n/mm2
percentage elongation10%

What is the price of reinforcement steel bars in Kenya? 

Steel ribbed iron bars are very economical compared to twisted bars. Steel ribs, different from twisted bars, can be welded making construction easier, cheaper, and faster. They can be easily bent and have great bonding qualities making it unnecessary to have the hooks such as seen in twisted steel bars. Due to these properties, ribbed steel bars end up saving 30% of the cost used in the reinforcement.  

In Kenya, we have some popular brands that produce reinforcement steel bars. Tononoka, Doshi, accurate, and apex are some of the best brands. However, in Kenya, people popularly buy their enforcement steel bars in hardware’s and the price is usually a great variant of the buyer and seller agreement. Below are the approximate prices of ribbed steel bars in Kenya. 

D8450-500 Kenya shillings
D10650-700 Kenya shillings
D161600-1650 Kenya shillings

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