Parent threaten to withdraw students from this school and give notice to principal not to appear near the school


  • Parents of the school have threatened to recall their students.
  • They claim the school principal is a drunkard and misappropriates funds
  • There were also claims of harassing female students when he’s drunk.

Detailed News

It has been a month full of burning of schools cases by learners, however, things are different in Meru county. Parents of AIC ndune secondary school makima, mbeere subcounty have threatened to withdraw their children from the school sighting a number of acts that did not please them.

The parents alleged that the principal was obviously a drunkard who rarely ever cares about prosperity of the school. They also claimed misappropriation of funds by the principal. The school principle was also accused of making advances to female students especially when he was drunk.

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Parents said enough is enough after talking to the principal multiple times in a bid to have him change his ways. Their advices seemed to have fallen on deaf ears and now they want the principal transfered or they recall their children from the school. The parents have already put the school boundaries and within the school compound a no go zone fir the said principal.

“We are not able to withstand the behavior of our principal, he is very drunk and indiscipline, the immoral behavior he is cultivating in our students is wanting, we will just move our students from this school and leave it for him,” Nguta, one of the parents said.

Parents reported that the principal has been bragging on how he can bribe officials known to him by the TSC. However, the local TSC office responded by confirming reception of the complaints and promised to take action.

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