National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) Customer Care Head offices in Kenya are located in Upperhill, Nairobi. The postal address of the National Hospital Insurance Fund offices in UpperHill is P.O. Box 30443 – 00100. The telephone contacts of NHIF offices in Nairobi are Toll-Free 0800 720 601, (020) 2723255/56, (020) 2714793/94, and (020) 2722527. The Fax details are (020) 2714806.

The email address of the National Hospital Insurance Fund for inquiries is customercare@nhif.or.ke and for complaints is complaints@nhif.or.ke. To liaise with NHIF in Kenya, the email to use is info@nhif.or.ke.The website of the National Hospital Insurance Fund in Kenya is http://www.nhif.or.ke/healthinsurance/.

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NHIF is a state-owned corporation with the mandate to provide medical cover to its member contributors and their dependents. NHIF contacts and offices are important to know in case you want to register or have an issue or query that needs to be resolved. Some issues can be resolved online while others need you to visit the NHIF offices directly. Below, you shall find a tabled list of all the NHIF branches throughout the country and their contacts.

NHIF Customer Care Contacts

nhif head office physical addressUpperhill, Nairobi
NHIF Box office numberP.O. Box 30443 – 00100
NHIF phone numbers0800 720 601,
(020) 2723255/56,
(020) 2714793/94
NHIF Fax Contacts(020) 2714806
NHIF Complaints Emailcomplaints@nhif.or.ke
NHIF inquiries emailcustomercare@nhif.or.ke
NHIF emailinfo@nhif.or.ke.
NHIF websitehttp://www.nhif.or.ke/healthinsurance/
nhif head office contacts


1NHIF MombasaMombasa town, inside Jubilee Building0771109099
2NHIF Head officeUpper hill, Ragati Road- Haile Selassie Avenue Junction.(020) 272 3246nairobi@nhif.or.ke
3NHIF KNHKenyatta National Hospital(020) 2723305
4NHIF WestlandsBandari Plaza, 1stFl, Woodvale Groove020-4449922
5NHIF EastleighSunrise Shopping Mall(020) 8055788
6NHIF Kangemi1st floor, Palace Building
7NHIF Buruburu Office Menorahs Centre020 2465577
8NHIF GikombaSK Business Centre, next to the Shell Petro Station along Landhis Road020-2210026
9NHIF Mama Lucy Kibaki HospitalSpine Rd off Kangundo Rd020 – 2659608
10NHIF Industrial AreaLiberty Plaza Opp Imara Junction off Mombasa Rd020-2538871
11NHIF Ruaraka OfficeICPAK Building near KCA University(020)- 2465578
12NHIF NyamiraSakami House, 1st Floor0775369601
13NHIF Kisii OfficeOuru Complex 1st floor, Kisii- Kisumu Rd0774865423
14NHIF MigoriAmicus Plaza 2nd floor0774891301
15NHIF MbitaMbita District  Hospital, Administration Block0722482496
16NHIF OyugisOlando Plaza ground Floor.0705813796
17NHIF Homa Bay TownColdsprings Building 1st Floor0775369644
18NHIF KisumuRe-insurance Plaza, Ground Floor, OgingaOdinga street0776008713
19NHIF SiayaSiala Plaza 1st floor, Court Road0771109101
(057) 5321300
20NHIF BusiaIngonyera House, 2nd floor, Kisumu – Busia Road0772989896
21NHIF BungomaBettylyne Bd, Ground Floor Webuye Bungoma Road(020)2139955
22NHIF BungomaDaimah Plaza (Bungoma-Kanduyi Rd)0771109095
23NHIF VihigaCherry House, Ground floor(020)2063909
24NHIF MumiasBemak House, 2nd floor off Nabongo Road(056)641005
(056) 641484
25NHIF KakamegaMega Mall, 2nd floor(056) 2030408
(056) 2030399
26NHIF BometAggie Plaza020-2531445
27NHIF SotikBureti Tea Growers Sacco Building0770348695
28NHIF KerichoKoineei Plaza 2nd floor Remple Rd(051)8007097
29NHIF Ongata RongaiMaasai Mall0776827879
30NHIF KitengelaEPZ Plaza , Kitengela0773669216
31NHIF LoitoktokEmparakuoni Plaza, Ground Floor0770145754
32NHIF Kajiado Office Hibo House 1st floor, Namanga Rd0710 376931
33NHIF KilgorisKilgoris Business Centre0770 585 078
34NHIF NarokMaa Towers 1st floor, Nairobi – Bomet Road0775513014
35NHIF GilgilBarclays Bank Building0733345309
36NHIF NaivashaPrema Plaza(050)2020818
37NHIF MoloCooperative Bank Building, 1st floor0770380263
38NHIF OlenguruoneAIC Church Building, Ground floor0713117214
39NHIF NakuruAFC Building, 1st Floor, Kijabe Road(051)2211118
40NHIF NyahururuKimwa Centre, 1st floor, Nyeri Nyahururu Highway051-8007099
(020)- 2620705
41NHIF NanyukiCider Mall0774608427
42NHIF Eldama Ravine KCB Building  2nd Floor, Mercy Hospital  Road(051)752122
43NHIF KabarnetMart Properties Ltd(053)8000312
44NHIF NandiNandi Hills Plaza0776401995
45NHIF KapsabetKapsabet Post Office Building.0776401952
46NHIF KapsowarBandaptai Building0776001176
47NHIF ItenBaraka Plaza0773 781 133
48NHIF Moi Referral HospitalMoi Referral Hospital053-203347
49NHIF EldoretKVDA Plaza, Ground Floor0774530762
50NHIF KitaleTrans Nzoia Teachers plaza, Mazingira Road077449260
51NHIF Wamba Mission  Hospital Wamba Mission Hospital
52NHIF Maralal  Oryx Service Station, Ground Floor, Room 1007746094
53NHIF West PokotKazeto Building0721354219
54NHIF TurkanaAfricana Building0770914918
55NHIF MurangaArahuka Building 2nd floor, Kenyatta Highway0771386103
56NHIF MweaDigital Complex(020)2465272
57NHIF KerugoyaUshirika Bank Building077 1067992
58NHIF Othaya Nyeri Coop Union Hse, Ground Floor, Othaya -Mukurweini Rd(020)- 2665055
59NHIF NyeriLwale place, 1st floor, Kimathi Way, Field Marshall Mutungi RD0774757483
60NHIF NyandaruaOl’Kalou Business Park Building, 1st floor0771290087
61NHIF Kibwezi Mohammed Omar Building 0775869174
62NHIF MakinduSiesta Guest House0774261550
63NHIF MakueniDouble K Plaza, Punda Road(020)2360350
64NHIF MwalaPeter Mulei Building, Masai – Tawa Road0771648758
65NHIF KangundoHomeland Plaza Tara-Kangundo Road0771237651
66NHIF MatuuBidii Textile building.Gatangi Road0773985933
67NHIF Machakos KCB 3rd Floor, Syokimau Road(057)2508256
68NHIF MutomoMutomo Hospital(020)2323072
69NHIF MwingiOsavinya Building, 1st floor0774713810
70NHIF KituiZein Building, 1st Floor. Kilugya Street04444-22920
71NHIF EmbuEastern Emporium, 1st floor, Kenyatta highway0776241475
(068) 2230062
72NHIF ChukaMombasa House near Equity Bank0771263765
73NHIF MauaMaua Methodist Hospital020-8001920
74NHIF MeruNHIF Building, Tom Mboya Street(064)2311052
75NHIF IsioloIbada Plaza, 2nd Floor061-2303451
76NHIF MoyaleSharif Guest Hse opposite Moyale Police station061-2308632
77NHIF Marsabit OfficeDadacha Office057-2513758
78NHIF ManderaHaji Mohamed Ibrahim Building0775216080
79NHIF WajirNasib House Hospital Road0775471262
80NHIF Kiambu TownMapa House, Lower Ground, Biashara Street066 2022137
81NHIF LimuruNjegi Plaza 3rd Floor, Market Street(066) 3545484
82NHIF ThikaNellion Centre, Kenyatta road(067)-2222271
83NHIF RuiruCentral Plaza, 2nd Floor,Ruiru – Githunguri Rd020-2385345
84NHIF Kwale/ UkundaUkunda, Ali Mbarak Building, Ground floor, Beach Road(041)201105
85NHIF Kilifi TownEquity Building 1st floor, Kwa Charo Wamae Road(041)- 2011024
86NHIF Mariakani NHIF Office Next to Total Service Station020-2476668
88NHIF MalindiBarani Plaza 1st floor, South Wing Jomo Kenyatta Road041-2008951
89NHIF MtwapaShella Properties Ltd, Mtwapa020-2588865
90NHIF LamuZawadi House,  Sea Front Road, Lamu Town041-2011052
91NHIF VoiMughonyi Plaza; 1st floor(020)2437484
92NHIF Taveta Taveta Sub County Hospital0721820409
93NHIF GarissaNorthern Site Building, Sankuri Road(020)2524608


CountyNHIF OfficesNHIF Office LocationNHIF AddressTelephoneEmail
MombasaMombasaJubilee Building84101, Mombasa(041)-224360/2227463/0771109099mombasa@nhif.or.ke
KwaleUkundaAli MbarakBldg, Gd floor, Beach road1665-80400 Ukunda(040)3202904/(041)201105ukunda@nhif.or.ke
KilifiKilifiEquity Building 1st floor, Kwa CharoWamae Road1310-80108 Kilifi(041)- 2011024/2588864kilifi@nhif.or.ke
KilifiMariakaniNHIF Office Next to Total Service Station449 Mariakani020-2476668mariakani@nhif.or.ke
KilifiMalindiBarani Plaza 1st floor, South Wing Jomo Kenyatta Road1423, Malindi041-2008951malindi@nhif.or.ke
KilifiMtwapaShella Properties Ltd1423 Malindi020-2588865mtwapa@nhif.or.ke
Tana RiverHola1423 Malindi020-8032490hola@nhif.or.ke
LamuLamuZawadi Hse Sea front Rd)358-80500 Lamu041-2011052lamu@nhif.or.ke
TaitaTavetaVoiMughonyi Plaza,1stFl471-80300 Voi(043)2030052/2030547 / (020)2437484voi@nhif.or.ke
TaitaTavetaTavetaTaveta Sub County Hospital31 Taveta721820409
GarissaGarissaNorthern Site Bdg, Sankuri Road107-70100 Garissa(046)2102020/2102049(020)2524608garissa@nhif.or.ke
WajirWajirNasib House Hospital Road239-70200 Wajir775471262wajir@nhif.or.ke
ManderaManderaHaji Mohamed Ibrahim Bd525-70300 Mandera775216080mandera@nhif.or.ke
MarsabitMarsabitDadacha Hse378 Marsabit057-2513758marsabit@nhif.or.ke
MarsabitMoyaleSharif Guest Hse opposite Moyale Police station278 Moyale061-2308632moyale@nhif.or.ke
IsioloIsioloIbada Plaza, 2ndFlr476 Isiolo061-2303451isiolo@nhif.or.ke
MeruMeruNHIF Building, Tom Mboya Street2193, Meru(064)3130137/3130629/ (064)2311052/ 0776003600meru@nhif.or.ke
MeruMauaMaua Methodist Hospital437 Maua020-8001920
TharakaNithiChukaMombasa Hse near Equity Bank414 Chuka(061)230350/ 0771263765chuka@nhif.or.ke
EmbuEmbuEastern Emporium, 1st floor, Kenyatta highway1315- 60100 Embu(068) 2230062/ 2230546/0776241475embu@nhif.or.ke
KituiKituiZeinBldg, 1st Fl. Kilugya Street1466 Kitui04444-22920kitui@nhif.or.ke
KituiMwingiOsavinyaBd, 1st floor1466 Kitui0774713810
KituiMutomoMutomo Hospital1466 Kitui(020)2323072
MachakosMachakosKCB 3rdFl, Syokimau Rd2017-90100 Machakos(044)2021043/2021686/(057)2508256machakos@nhif.or.ke
MachakosMatuuBidii Textile bldg.Gatangird2017 -90100 Machakos773985933
MachakosKangundoHomeland Plaza Tara-Kangundo Rd2017-90100 Machakos771237651
MachakosMwala/MasiiPeter MuleiBldgMasii -Tawa Rd2017-90100 Machakos771648758
MakueniMakueniDouble K Plaza (Punda Rd)0774261541/(020)2360350/0776090260makueni@nhif.or.ke
MakueniMakinduSiesta Guest House, 1st floor211 Makindu774261550
MakueniKibweziMohammed Omar Building (Kibwezi Rd)775869174
NyandaruaOl’KalouBusiness Park Bldg, 1stflr,602-20303 Ol’Kalou020-2611187/0771290087olkalou@nhif.or.ke
NyeriNyeriLwale place, 1st floor, Kimanthi Way, Field Marshall Mutungird658-10100, Nyeri(061)-2032899//2030957/0774757483nyeri@nhif.or.ke
NyeriOthayaNyeri Coop Union Hse, Grd Floor, Othaya -Mukurwe-ini Rd670-10106 Othaya(020)- 2665055othaya@nhif.or.ke
KirinyagaKerugoyaUshirika Bank Building, 1st fl. Kerugoya/Kutus Rd510 -10300 Kerugoya(077)1067992kerugoya@nhif.or.ke
KirinyagaMweaDigital Complex (Makutano/Mwea Rd)32 -10303 Wanguru(020)2465272
Murang’aMurangaArahuka Building 2nd floor, Kenyatta Highway534 -10200 Muranga771386103muranga@nhif.or.ke
KiambuKiambuMapa House, lower Grd, Biashara Street254, Kiambu(066) 2022137/2022057kiambu@nhif.or.ke
KiambuLimuruNjegi Plaza 3rdFl, Market Street1250 Limuru(066) 3545484limuru@nhif.or.ke
KiambuThikaNellion Centre, Kenyatta roadP/Bag, Thika(067)-2222271//2231446, 020-2039910thika@nhif.or.ke
KiambuRuiruCentral Plaza, 2ndflrRuiru-Githunguri Rd1944-00232, Ruiru020-2385345ruiru@nhif.or.ke
TurkanaLodwarAfricana Bldng471-30500Lodwar(054)2221011 0770914918lodwar@nhif.or.ke
West PokotKapenguriaKazeto Building63 Kapenguria0770867421/0721354219kapenguria@nhif.or.ke
SamburuMaralalOryx Service Station, GF, Rm 10673-10400 Nanyuki7746094maralal@nhif.or.ke
SamburuWambaWamba Mission Hospital673-10400 NanyukiNo tel connection.
Trans NzoiaKitaleTrans Nzoia Teachers plaza, Mazingira Rd921-30200 Kitale(054)31841/879077449260kitale@nhif.or.ke
Uasin GishuEldoretKVDA Plaza, Grd floor3091 Eldoret(053)2030749/2061400/0774530762eldoret@nhif.or.ke
Uasin GishuMTRHMoi Referral Hospital3091Eldoret(020)2148635/2688748/053-203347
ElgeyoMarakwetItenBaraka Plaza370 Iten0773 781 133iten@nhif.or.ke
ElgeyoMarakwetKapsowarBandaptai BuildingBandaptai Bldg.0776001176
NandiKapsabetKapsabet Post Office Bldgs. (Alfred Bungei Rd)120 Kapsabet0776401995/0776401952kapsabet@nhif.or.ke
NandiNandi HillsNandi Hills Plaza302 Nandi Hills776401995nandihills@nhif.or.ke
BaringoKabarnetMart Properties Ltd310-30400 Kabarnet(053)8000312/21844kabarnet@nhif.or.ke
BaringoEldama RavineKCB Bd 2ndFl, Mercy Hosp. Road1048-20103 Eldama Ravine(051)752122
LaikipiaNanyukiCider Mall673-10400 Nanyuki(020)2198401/(062)31400/01/0774608427nanyuki@nhif.or.ke
LaikipiaNyahururuKimwa Centre, 1st floor, Nyeri Nyahururu Highway2237-20300(020)- 2620705/051-8007099nyahururu@nhif.or.ke
NakuruNakuruAFC Bldg, 1stFl, Kijabe Rd155-20100 Nakuru(051)2211118/2213278/077939907nakuru@nhif.or.ke
NakuruOlenguruoneAIC Church Building, Ground flr277 Olenguruone713117214
NakuruMoloCooperative Bank Building, 1st floor60 Molo770380263
NakuruNaivashaPrema Plaza1981 Naivasha(050)2020818/2021489naivasha@nhif.or.ke
NakuruGilgilBarclays Bank Building1981 Naivasha0722454284/0733345309
NarokNarokMaa Towers 1st floor, Nairobi – Bomet Road918 Narok0773881838/0775513014narok@nhif.or.ke
NarokKilgorisKilgoris Business Centre149 Kilgoris0770 585 078kilgoris@nhif.or.ke
KajiadoKajiadoHibo House 1st floor, Namanga Rd30, Kajiado0710 376931kajiado@nhif.or.ke
KajiadoLoitoktokEmparakuoni Plaza, ground FL.540-00242 Kitengela0770145754loitoktok@nhif.or.ke
KajiadoKitengelaEPZ Plaza , Kitengela540-00242 Kitengela0774544818/0773669216/073668916kitengela@nhif.or.ke
KajiadoOngataRongaiMasai Mall231-00511 OngataRongai0776827879/0776833969rongai@nhif.or.ke
KerichoKerichoSinedet Building, 1st floor, Kisumu Busia Rd1948 Kericho(052)2020518/2020618/(051)8007097kericho@nhif.or.ke
BometSotikBureti Tea Growers Sacco Bldg321, Sotik0770348695/700sotik@nhif.or.ke
BometBometAggie Plaza538 -20400 Bomet020-2531445bomet@nhif.or.ke
KakamegaKakamegaMega Mall, 2nd floor280-50100 Kakamega(056) 2030399/(056) 2030408kakamega@nhif.or.ke
KakamegaMumiasBemak House, 2nd floor off Nabongo Road967-50102 Mumias(056) 641484 /(056)641005mumias@nhif.or.ke
VihigaVihigaCherry House, Ground floor1449 Maragoli(020)2063909vihiga@nhif.or.ke
BungomaBungomaDaimah Plaza (Bungoma-Kanduyi Rd)627-50200, Bungoma0771109095bungoma@nhif.or.ke
BungomaWebuyeBettylyne Bd, Gd floor WebuyeBungoma Road627 – 50200, Bungoma(020)2139955webuye@nhif.or.ke
BusiaBusiaIngonyera House, 2nd floor, Kisumu – Busia Road746 Busia (K)0772161957/0772989896busia@nhif.or.ke
SiayaSiayaSiala Plaza 1st floor, Court Road268-40600 Siaya(057) 5321300/0771109101siaya@nhif.or.ke
KisumuKisumuRe-insurance Plaza, Grd Floor, OgingaOdinga street231-40100 Kisumu(057)2020638/2020028/2500640/0776008713/4kisumu@nhif.or.ke
HomabayHomabayColdspringsBldg 1st Floor47 Homabay775369644homabay@nhif.or.ke
HomabayOyugisOlando Plaza gld FL.74-40222 Oyugis(020)2018067/0705813796oyugis@nhif.or.ke
HomabayMbitaMbita Dist. Hosp, Adm. Block50 Mbita0723732629mbita@nhif.or.ke
MigoriMigoriAmicus Plaza 2nd floor1183-40400 Migori(059)20174/20927/0771109096/0774891301/0776033281/2migori@nhif.or.ke
KisiiKisiiOuru Complex 1st floor, Kisii- Ksm Rd3466-40200 Kisii(058)2030426/0774865423kisii@nhif.or.ke
NyamiraNyamiraSakami Hse, 1st Floor (main street)962 -40500 Nyamira(020)8064128/0775369601nyamira@nhif.or.ke
NairobiNairobiNHIF Car Park Bldg, Gd Floor30443-00100 NRB(020) 2723297/6/4nairobi@nhif.or.ke
NairobiKenyattaKNH Hospital30443-00100 NRB(020) 2723305
NairobiEastleighSunrise Shopping Mall7468-00610 NRB(020) 8055788eastleigh@nhif.or.ke
NairobiWestlandsRainbow Tower719-00606 Nairobi0772-614799 / 0773-313083westlands@nhif.or.ke
NairobiKangemiPalace Bldg Cooperative Bank719-00606 Nairobikangemi@nhif.or.ke
NairobiBuruburuMesora Centre1177-00515 Buru-Buru(020)-2465577 /020-7786690buruburu@nhif.or.ke
NairobiGikombaSK Plaza1177-00515020-2210026
NairobiMama Lucy Kibaki HospitalMama Lucy Kibaki Hospital, Spine Rd off Kangundo Rd1177-00515 Buruburu020 – 2659608
NairobiIndustrial AreaLiberty Plaza Opp imara Junction off Rd143-00507 Viwandani0775587958/020-2538871industrial@nhif.or.ke
NairobiRuarakaICPAK Building near KCA university1105-00618, Ruaraka(020)- 2465578
nhif branches and contacts nationally


  1. Hendrix Ambale

    Good evening, hope this sms finds you well, okay my names Hendrix Ambale of ID number 20770321 and membership number 1453688.I have been an active member of NHIF for quite some good time now.My concerns are the way I was mistreated and mishandled today at around 3pm by your staff @Liberty Plaza offices.This after I tried changing my facility from Kakamega to Nairobi via my phone and it wasn’t going through.So I decided to go and seek some assistance from your team which I have known them to be professional and dedicated.I enter there and present my case to ayoung brown guy seated I think counter 3 after being directed by the security.After listening to me hurriedly the first question he asks me is whether I have got anthraicis, trying to explain to him was a living hell because he was just laughing and making unnecessary jokes yet I was running out of time due to the nature of job that I do.I finally managed to go away without getting any assistance at all even though one of them after seeing the way I was getting irritated decided to tell me to go and check it through the cyber cafe.My questions are-1) Was I seeking help from the wrong office.-2) Even if I had any kind of sickness was it in order for him to shout at me hence making me look stupid.-3) Give us another number that we shall be raising our grievances because your toll free number 0800720601 remained unanswered

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