Leaked chats of 15 year old pregnant girl telling her mother the unthinkable

  • Chats of a little 15 year old girl and her mother can’t let netizens chill.
  • In the chat, the girl talks to her mother with total disrespect and in vulgar language.
  • The girl blames the mother for giving birth to her at the age of 15 and questions why she never used contraceptives.

The Kenyan, through chats shared on one of the social networks, has learnt about the diminishing respect of kids to their parents. In the chats, the mother is complaining about her daughter’s behaviour of spending most of the time out at her friend’s place, however the daughter responds in a greviously disrespectful tone, manner and language.


She tells her mother that she failed during her time and got pregnant at the age of 15. She blames her mother of not using contraceptives and reminds her that stuff is different nowadays cause she knows how to use contraceptives. However, the photo of the girl that was shared at this time shows a pregnant young lady.

Netizens have had elicited mixed reactions with most blaming it in poor parenthood and upbringing. Others blamed the mother for letting her kid go beyond boundaries in their relationship while others only sympathized with the mother.

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