Log Into The KMTC Students Portal Online

KMTC Students Portal

KMTC Students Portal

How To Log Into KMTC Students Portal

  1. Remember, you shall be required to attain the required cluster points set for each KMTC course in order to be admitted to each.
  2. Using the link provided above, go to the Kenya Medical Training College portal’s homepage 
  3. On the spaces provided, enter your account’s username and password 
  4. For more frequent logins, click the ‘Remember username’ prompt 
  5. Click the login button 

Below is a list of services you can get on the KMTC student portal after you have logged in. Click on each to access the service.

    1. Downloading Your KMTC admission letter online
    2. Applying For KMTC courses online
    3. Check KMTC fee payment bank account and other fee details.
    4. Apply for scholarships available in the KMTC students portal.

How to view and apply for KMTC courses online

  1. In your KMTC students portal’s side bar, click on ‘applications’
  2. In the next page click on your needed option 1 KMTC course level option, it might be diploma or certificate.
  3. Now click on ‘search’ to continue to get a list of the courses that match your search. From the list, select your desired course and continue.
  4. After selecting your course of choice, you shall be redirected to that KMTC course’s application form. Fill in the form accurately and complete all the fields.
  5. Click on ‘submit’ bottom below the KMTC course application form and continue to KMTC course option 2
  6. Repeat the process you did for selecting your course one and submit.
  7. You shall have now fully applied for available KMTC online courses. Wait for a reply from KMTC.

How To Create A New Students Portal

    1. Visit the KMTC student login page above

      The above KMTC student’s portal log-in page is where to start from.

    2. Enter Your KMTC student portal username and password

      In the KMTC log-in form above enter your KMTC student portal username and password appropriately. If you forgot your password, you can always click on remember the password to recover your KMTC students portal login details.

    3. Click On login button below the KMTC students portal login form

      Click on ‘login’ to open your KMTC students portal home page. On the KMTC student portal home page, you can access the below KMTC services online.

How To Recover Forgotten KMTC Login Password

  1. On Below the KMTC portal login page, find and click on the ‘forgoten password’ bottom.
  2. In the next page, enter your username or email and send to recieve a KMTC portal login password recovery link.
  3. Go to your email inbox and open the KMTC recovery link email. You shall be redirected to your KMTC portal password updating page.
  4. Enter your new desired and secure password in the provided form and click on submit to complete the process of resetting your KMTC students portal.

KMTC-student-portal-loginKMTC Student Portal Login

This KMTC guideline Page is meant to help you access your KMTC student portal login services using your username and password. Hereby, you can check out the KMTC student enrollment services and access your student portal.