KMTC Courses 2022 Application And Requirements


Just like any other courses and profession, the Kenya Medical Training College students should fulfill certain qualifications to qualify for the KMTC courses and pursue their certificate courses in various institutions.

In this guide, we are going to have a look at the KMTC courses offered minimum requirements and fee structure in Kenya today as well. Check here how you can apply for the kmtc afya elimu helb loan.

KMTC Courses and Requirements

For one to qualify, you must have fulfilled the set cluster point subject score limits to see them through. A student must have scored at least an average grade of C-(Minus) in KCSE to take any KMTC certificate course they want.  Cluster points in this field vary when applying for various KMTC courses.

Below are all KMTC courses and qualifications per subject you need to apply for and be admitted to KMTC.

KMTC Courses 2022 Application And Requirements

Certificate in Community Health Nursing Average grade: C-(Minus)C- in Biological Sciences/Biology  C- in Kiswahili/English  D+ in Mathematics or Chemistry or Physics
Certificate in Information Technology/Heath records Average grade: D+ (plus)D+ in Kiswahili/English  D- in Mathematics 
Certificate in Medical Engineering Average grade: C (plus)C- in English/Kiswahili, D in Physics/Chemistry/Physical Sciences. D in Mathematics, Chemistry, D in Biology/Biological Sciences, Metal Work, Electricity, Technical Drawing
Certificate in Orthopedic Trauma Medicine Average Grade: C-C- in Kiswahili/English  D+ in one of Mathematics, Physics, Physical Sciences, Home Science, Agriculture, Chemistry and Technical Drawing  D+ in Biological Sciences/Biology 
Certificate in Nutrition and DieteticsAverage Grade C+D+ in Biological sciences/Biology D+ in Kiswahili/English D (plain) Physics/Home Science/Agriculture/Mathematics D (plain) in Physical Sciences or Chemistry
Certificate in Environmental Health ScienceAverage Grade C (Plain)C Plain in English/Kiswahili, C in Biology/Biological Science, C- in Mathematics, Chemistry, or Physics/Physical Sciences,/Building Construction,/Technical Drawing
Certificate in Environmental Health ScienceAverage Grade C-D+ in Biological Sciences/Biology D (plain) in Chemistry/Home Science/ Woodwork/Physics/Agriculture/Physics/Building construction/Electricity D (Plain) in Mathematics
Certificate of Community Health Assistants D+ 9plus) in Biological Sciences/Biology  D (plain) in Chemistry/Physical Sciences/Physics/Mathematics 
Certificate in Nursing Average Grade C-C- (minus) in Kiswahili/English  D+ in Physics/Mathematics/Chemistry 
KMTC courses offered and qualifications

List of KMTC Courses Offered 2022

  1. Clinical Medicine & Surgery (Diploma & Higher Diploma)
  2. Orthopedic Laboratory Sciences (Diploma and Certificate)
  3. Medical Imaging Sciences (Diploma & Higher Diploma)
  4. Medical Education (Higher Dip.)
  5. Community Oral Health (Diploma)
  6. Nursing (Certificate, Diploma & Higher Diploma)
  7. Medical Laboratory Sciences (Diploma & Higher Diploma)
  8. Pharmacy (Diploma & Higher Diploma)
  9. Dental Technology (Diploma)
  10. Health Records and Information Technology (Diploma and Certificate)
  11. Occupational Therapy (Diploma & Higher Diploma)
  12. Orthopedic Technology (Diploma & Higher Diploma)
  13. Health Promotion (Certificate, Diploma & Higher Diploma)
  14. Nutrition and Dietetics (Diploma and Certificate)
  15. Public Health (Certificate, Diploma & Higher Diploma)
  16. Physiotherapy (Diploma & Higher Diploma)
  17. Medical Engineering (Certificate, Diploma & Higher Diploma)
  18. Optometry (Diploma & Higher Diploma)
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KMTC COURSES 2022 Requirements, Fee Structure

Certificate in Health Promotion for the Deaf 

(CHPD) for hearing impaired students only 

Average grade: D+ 

Cluster Subjects 

  • D+ (plus) Kenya sign Language/English 
  • A D (plain) in Biology 
  • D (plain) in Chemistry/Mathematics/Biology/Agriculture/General Science 

Certificate in Nursing 

It requires a minimum mean grade of a C- (Minus) 

Cluster subjects 

  • C- (minus) in Kiswahili/English 
  • D+ in Physics/Mathematics/Chemistry 
  • C- in Biological Sciences/Biology 

Certificate of Community Health Assistants 

Average grade- C- (Minus) 


  • D+ (plus) in Kiswahili/English 
  • A D+ 9plus) in Biological Sciences/Biology 
  • D (plain) in Chemistry/Physical Sciences/Physics/Mathematics 

Remember that this course can only be taken at the diploma level only hence; we don’t have a certificate level in nursing. 

Kenya Medical Training College short courses 

The KMTC has a collection of short courses for ongoing individuals who want to take additional KMTC courses and others who want to upgrade their skills. They include: 

KMTC Short courses

  1. Echocardiography 
  2. Safe Phlebotomy 
  3. Evaluation and monitoring 
  4. Basic life support and First aid 
  5. Adherence counseling 
  6. Medical engineering 
  7. Computer packages 
  8. Sign and body language 
  9. HTS (HIV Training and Counselling services) among others. 
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KMTC Courses 2022 Application

If you’re a KCSE graduate seeking to pursue a medical field in KMTC, you need to be qualified academically to be enrolled in the respective program.

Therefore, we’re going to give you the simple procedure students should follow to apply for KMTC courses in Kenya online; suitable for both Parallel and Regular students.

KMTC Courses Offered 2022

The KMTC regular category is offered subsidized fees, and accommodation, but no optional campus choice. On the other hand, parallel students are given the chance to choose between 65+ campuses across the country but no accommodation or subsidized fees.

Time needed: 5 minutes.

How to Apply for KMTC Courses 2022

  1. Visit KMTC Portal

    Applying Candidates should visit the official KMTC application portal

  2. Read Application Guidelines

    Upon arriving at the application page, you’re recommended to first read through the application guidelines provided

  3. Begin Application

    Follow the application steps as illustrated in the guidelines to apply for the preferred KMTC program successfully

  4. Check deadline

    Remember that the KMTC application has a set period and deadline which you should keep an eye on

Those are a few of the vast courses KMTC courses offered to Kenyan students who want to sharpen certain medical skills and add short courses to their portfolios.  

Following the list of KMTC minimum requirements and courses offered stated in the blog above, you can get to pursue your medical passion and achieve your objectives. 

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KMTC Courses Frequently Asked Questions

How do I create a KMTC portal account?

To create your online student’s KMTC portal account, go to the above guide to follow the step-by-step guide on how to create a KMTC portal account.

How do I apply online for the KMTC portal?

To apply online for KMTC online portal please follow the guide at the beginning of this article.

Is KMTC Portal open for 2022?

Yes, the KMTC portal is now open for application.

How do I check for my KMTC portal fee?

✓ Log into the KMTC student portal at the beginning of this page.
✓ Once you’re logged into the KMTC students portal home page, click on the ‘fees’ option from the main menu.
✓ In the drop-down menu that shall appear, choose the ‘statement of fees’ option.
✓ In the next page, you shall be able to view a complete KMTC student fees statement online.

How much is the commitment fee at KMTC?

The commitment fee for KMTC is 43,200 Kenyan Shillings and 37,500 before the start of the second semester

Which KMTC offers a nursing courses in Kenya?

All kmtc branches in Kenya offer nursing courses. Visit the above page to log in and apply for your desired KMTC course.

How much does it cost to study nursing in Kenya?

The cost to study and complete a nursing course in KMTC is 285,000 Kenyan shillings annually payable for 3.5 years.

How much is the salary of a nurse in Kenya?

The salary of a nurse in Kenya is 55-60k when employed by the Kenyan ministry of health. The salary of a nurse can get higher when working for some private institutions and the Kenyatta national hospital.

Is the KMTC portal open for 2022 intake?

Yes, the KMTC portal is open for admission of qualified students for 2022. All the applications for KMTC are done online whereby an application fee of Ksh. 2,022 should be paid via the KMTC fees payment procedure on our page.

How do I check KMTC application status? 

To check your KMTC application status, you should visit the official Kenya Medical Training College (KMTC) admission page and login. Use your username and set password/index number to log in.

Are KMTC Admission letters out for 2022?

Absolutely, the Kenya Medical Training College has already released admission letters for all qualified students for the 2022 intake i.e. March and September 2022.

How can I check my KMTC placement status?

To check your KMTC placement, you’ll have to visit the KMTC student portal. After signing in, navigate the page and click on the Fees tab. Click on the Fees statement to check out the placement breakdown and the fees structure.

How do I download my KMTC admission letter?

To download your admission letter, visit the admission portal and go to the Admission sector page where you’ll not only download, but also print your KMTC admission letter.

What the minimum KCSE grade for joining KMTC?

The minimum KCSE grade for joining a KMTC certificate course in Kenya is a C- (Minus). The cluster points required will definitely vary from one certificate programme to another due to the difference in cluster subjects.

How do I know if KMTC selected me for admission?

To check if you’ve been selected to join KMTC, visit the KMTC admission portal and navigate the admission sector to see your application status.

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