KMTC Application, Form Download, Deadline

Application Portal

Application Portal

How To Apply For KMTC Online

To apply for KMTC online, go to the KMTC applications portal and follow the steps below.

  1. Start with visiting the KMTC courses brochure and view the courses available and qualifications needed.
  2. If you find that you qualify for a course, Prospective candidates are advised to use the application portal
  3. Candidates are advised to follow the steps given in the application guideline carefully to the end to ensure success in the application process.
  4. Take note that applications for the advertised courses are closed once they are full

KMTC Application Requirements/Guidelines Video

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Create KMTC Application Portal

To create your working KMTC portal account online, you have to follow and consider the following guidelines: 

  1. One must own a legit and working Identification card 
  2. Sign in to the KMTC applications portal
  3. On  the drop-down menu, select the KMTC menu item on the bottom right side  
  4. You will be redirected to the KMTC registration portal 
  5. If you already own an account, use your email(username) and password to log in to your account 
  6. If you’re signing up for the first time, click the ‘Register’ button below the log in tab to begin creating a new account  
  7. You will be redirected to the KMTC  registration portal 
  8. Fill in your valid email and create a password 
  9. Hit the ‘Create account’ tab 
  10. A verification link will be sent to your email account 
  11. Open the email and click on the link 
  12. You will be redirected back to the KMTC portal 
  13. On the account creation page, enter your personal details relevantly 
  14. Hit the ‘Register’ button 
  15. A page will pop up to confirm your submitted information 
  16. Go through the info to confirm the data is accurately filled 
  17. Hit the ‘Save changes’ button