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How To Pay Gotv Subscription

Gotv is a reliable cable tv services provider in Africa. According to GOtv, to pay for GOtv subscription online from home, you can use the below GOtv subscription payment online options: Did you know you can watch gotv premium packages for free? Go here to learn how now.

  1. Paga E-Pay
  2. Eazy Money
  3. Etranzact
  4. PayU
  5. GlobalPay
  6. Quickteller
  7. Mpesa
  8. Credit card

Go to your relevant GOtv payment method to know how you shall pay for GOtv subscription online via mobile from the comfort of your home.

How To Pay Gotv Subscription Video

how to pay gotv subscription

Pay Your Gotv Subscription Online Via Mobile Using Eazy Money

  1. To pay for your gotv subscription online using eazy money, you need to have an account with eazy money.
  2. Start by going to,
  3. Select EazyMoney
  4. Enter your mobile number
  5. Enter your EazyMoney PIN
  6. Choose your gotv package that you want to subscribe to.
  7. Complete the transaction. This is how you can pay for GOtv subscription using eazy money option.
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How To Pay Gotv Subscription Online Via GlobalPay

  1. Log in to your GOtv account online as guided below.
  2. Go to ‘Pay’ >> ‘Pay Now’
  3. Type in either your icu number, surname or mobile number. Then click on sign in.
  4. Now go to ‘Complete Payment country code. For example if you’re from south Africa you shall select ‘Complete Payment
  5. You will be taken to the GlobalPAY website.
  6. Select your card payment type and enter your card number
  7. Select the GOtv package/subscription you want to subscribe to
  8. Tap on Pay to finish paying your gotv subscription online via GlobalPay

Pay Gotv Subscription Online Via Etranzact

  1. This is how to pay gotv subscription online using Etranzact.
  2. Sign Into your gotv account online.
  3. Go to ‘View Balance’ or ‘Pay’ option
  4. Now tap on ‘pay’ option
  5. Under payment option, enter Etranzact then choose BankIT.
  6. Type in your bank account number and select your bank.
  7. Generate a 6-digit passcode and submit details
  8. On your phone’s dial pad, dial *389*00# using the mobile number you used to register your bank account with.
  9. An OTP number shall be sent to your phone message inbox.
  10. Copy the OTP number you received and paste it into the provided space and click Pay.
  11. You shall receive a gotv Subscription Payment Response stating the details of your transaction, indicating successful payment of your GOtv package online.
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How To Pay Gotv Subscription Online Via Quickteller

  1. Start your gotv decoder and ensure it is on if your gotv account has been suspended.
  2. Sign into the GOtv Quick teller page. 
  3. Enter your e-mail address or phone number and your gotv IUC number found on your gotv decoder
  4. Select the Gotv package you want to pay a Subscription to and continue.
  5. Enter the name used on your gotv account and confirm your icu number.
  6. Tap on ‘Pay’ option and select the debit card type you want to use MasterCard, Interswitch, Verve.
  7. Enter your debit card details, that is, your credit Card Number, Expiry Date and now type in your four-digit pin number
  8. Tap on ‘pay’ option to complete your gotv subscription online using Quickteller. That is how to pay your gotv package subscription via Quickteller.

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