How To Calculate TSC Teacher’s Pension


TSC Retired Teachers Pension Culculator

Time needed: 5 minutes.

To culculate TSC retired teachers pension in Kenya, use the TSC teacher active service time and the average salary divided by 80 as explained below.

  1. Find your TSC active service years

    Find your service years or length of employment years that you worked for TSC from time of employment to retire date.  

  2. Find the average of your salary

    Now find the average of your monthly salary during employment. Average TSC salary = total salary paid ÷ number of salaries recieved.

  3. Now use this formulae to find your TSC pension ammount

    (TSC Pension Ammount = (TSC Service Years × Average Salary) ÷ 80) ÷ (3)
    The answer shall be the monthly pension Ammount you shall be receiving as a retired TSC teacher in Kenya.

TSC Teacher Retirement Emoluments Culculator

Teachers started contributing 7.5% of their salary to their retirement plan. With this changes accommodated, the Kenyan TSC teacher emoluments shall be culculated as below.

The highest salary recieved during service multiplied by 12 months to represent one year. The answer is then divided by 480 to get the ammount of emoluments a TSC teacher shall recieve at the time of his retirement.

((completed month × annual salary) ÷ 480) × Years of TSC service with active contribution to retirement emoluments.

Additional Tips About TSC Teacher’s Pension

Many retired TSC  members really go through a difficult time trying to determine their pension numbers.

As a solution to this challenge, I’ll briefly show you how you can check your pension number online today.  

  1. Log in to your TSC service account 
  2. Select ‘Payroll and compensation.
  3. Hereby, you can look-see your final payment tab as well as the ‘payment statement details’.
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How Check TSC Pension Processing Status

Time needed: 10 minutes.

To check your TSC pension processing status, go to your TSC online portal and search for ‘check pension status

After submitting your request, TSC shall hasten your TSC Pension Status. However, sometimes the process takes longer that you can expect. Keep checking from time to time.

  1. Go to your TSC online portalOpen the Teachers Service Commission service portal online here.
  2. Enter your TSC numberEnter your TSC number on the space provided.
  3. Enter your ID numberFill your ID number or passport no.
  4. Search for ‘check pension status’In your TSC portal, use the search bar and enter ‘check TSC pension status’ hit search and you shall see your TSC pension status.
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How To Check TSC Pension Status

Frequently Asked Questions About TSC

How do I find my TSC pension number in Kenya?

✓ Log into the TSC employee self-service account ✓ Choose ‘Payroll and Compensation.” ✓ View last payroll and the pay statement details.✓ Your pension number shall be indicated on your pay statement details.

How much is a teachers pension per month in Kenya?

The lowest teacher’s pension Ammount is 3,283 shillings. TSC teachers pension in Kenya is 15% of the active service salary.

How is TSC pension calculated in Kenya?

TSC Pension Ammount = (TSC Service Years × Average Salary) ÷ 80

What is the pension of a primary school teacher?
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The pension Ammount of the lowest TSC primary school teacher is 3,283 shillings.

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