How to apply for TSC Internship jobs online through TSC Website (

Over 4000 job posts are available every year for internship teachers and no one ever thinks of losing any chances. However, as there are a lot of inconveniences attached to the Covid 19 pandemic, very few things are done physically. It has been the trend for quite a long now to find anything related to the system online. The TSC is not an exception. If you are a teacher seeking to apply for an internship job, worry less since you can do that at the comfort of your seat using one gadget. It is nothing complicated and it takes a few minutes of your time to go through it. Here is how to apply for TSC internship jobs online. 

It is quite difficult for some who might not be very conversant with the TSC interactive website but that is why we are going through this to make sure there is no trouble applying. The following is a step-by-step guide of how to do the application to see that we do not lose precious opportunities. However, we should note that it is not guaranteed that the teacher’s service commission offers jobs at any time. The process is only applicable therefore when the commission announces open opportunities for internship jobs at given times. We should therefore be careful with the given timeframes as per the decisions of the commission to open vacancies.

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Precise steps on how to apply tsc internship jobs 

  1. Visit the tsc website
  2. Menu – careers – teacher – apply for the internship job post
  3. Enter your details and options
  4. Verify
  5. Click on ref and fill in the details
  6. Choose the vacancies
  7. Submit your application

How to apply for TSC Internship jobs online through TSC Website (

Step 1 

First, you should visit the TSC website, this is where open vacancies are advertised or postedby the commisionvia the human resource team.  

Step 2 

On this site, click on the site, click on the menu, them click on careers. Oh the careers section, click on the teacher or secretatriat section then proceed to click on apply for  teacher internship job post. 

Step 3 

On the screen that appears, there’s is a space for you to fill in your details including the  TSC number, the I’d number and the mobile number. On the drop bar above, click ok to continue with the process and submit the details. There is an option for selecting the primary or secondary option.  

Step 4 

On the next screen, there appears another prompt to fill in the details that will be required. This is after the sms with an SMS code from the tsc for verification. 

Step 5 

On the next screen, choose on the ref from the drop down and click to fill in the details berofe submitting. Fill in the details that are not autofilled on the previous screen before submitting the information. 

Step 6 

The next prompt is +click here to apply a school choose on the subjects, the county, the subcounty and then click on ok to submit the information. 

Step 7 

There are several options that will come up for the vacancies available. A teacher can apply for several vacancies. Click on OK. 

Step 8 

When you’re done, a pop up ” job application” will pop up. Click on Yes to to submit the application. The next is to wait on the feedback. All the communications will always be done on the same platform alongside all other relevant actions and responses. After going through all these steps, wer’e now good to go with the applications. That’s how easy it is to apply for TSC internship jobs on the https// . 

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