Hazard to return to Chelsea-Prodigal son comes home

Hazard to Chelsea

Hazard to return to Chelsea-Prodigal son comes home


  • Eden Hazard is set to return back to the Stamford bridge after an unsuccessful run at Real Madrid.
  • Chelsea fans are delighted after Roman Abramovic stated that Hazard could return back to Chelsea.
  • Hazard looks to comeback to his promising career after a bad one at Real Madrid.

Hazard to return to Chelsea-Prodigal son comes home

Eden Hazard made the Chelsea fans furious after he left for Real Madrid to expound on his career but it all went down the drain. The football star was at the form of his life while he was in Chelsea but decided to switch and go for the Spanish giants, where his form went down day by day. Eden Hazard was accompanied by many injuries while he was at Real Madrid of which forced him to stay on the bench and not make an impact for Real Madrid.

hazard back to chelsea

With Real Madrid fans waiting day in day out for Kylian Mbappe to sign for their club, it looks that Eden Hazard’s future is looking dimmer than ever and a switch back to his old football club could be the move he just needed. For the seven years Eden Hazard stayed in Chelsea, he won many awards for himself and also contributed to Chelsea winning two titles at that period. Since Eden Hazard left for the Spanish giants, Real Madrid has managed to stay on the Bench many times than he has actually played for Real Madrid. He has only won one title with Real Madrid of which he did not contribute that much as he played on the bench on most occasions.

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Roman Abramovic, the President of Chelsea stated that it would be possible for the Belgian star to come back home at Stamford Bridge, where the fans appreciated him and valued him. It will be a very big statement if Eden Hazard returns back, as Chelsea will be even stronger despite them winning the Champions League last season. You can tell us your thoughts down below on the comments sections to what you think of Eden Hazard’s return to Stamford Bridge and if it would be a success.

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