Gotv Rwanda Packages, Prices, Channels Latest

Gotv Rwanda Packages, Prices, Channels

Upon the rise of various digital cable TV’s across the sphere, GOtv has set deep roots not only in Eastern but also the rest of Africa. As a result, countries like Kenya and Uganda have taken the lead in GOtv subscriptions and service consumption. In case you want to know how to use gotv for free without paying subscription fees, use this guide.

Recently, GOtv digital services were introduced in Rwanda and many Rwandese have seemed to give it a thumbs up too. Therefore, many Rwandans have switched to digital GOtv services and they’ve started purchasing the GOtv packages. In this article, we are going to check out Gotv Rwanda; channels list, packages, and prices updated. 

GOtv Rwanda special package offer

GOtv has asserted to Rwandans that any new subscriber is going to be granted 2-months packages as a bonus. GOtv gives you a chance to choose from the four subscriptions they offer i.e. GOtv Max, GOtv Plus, GOtv Value, and GOtv Lite packages. As a new subscriber, you’ll receive the two-month GOtv Plus package subscription before starting the monthly payments. After the test package, a customer gets to choose a bouquet that suits their budget and family watching needs. 

Gotv Rwanda: channels list, packages, and prices updated

GOtv Max package & channels 

This GOtv package lets you enjoy a wide variety of TV channels as well as radio channels. It holds up to 60 channels in total. The variety of channels in this bouquet offers comfort and free entertainment since you can watch anything you want at any time on your cable TV. This monthly subscription appeases many GOtv subscribers since it contains a few DSTV premium channels such as supersport. It carries up to 60+ TV channels from across the globe.  

GOtv Plus package and channels 

A GOtv plus subscription in Rwanda goes at RWF 29000. This is one of the most-subscribed-to GOtv packages since it’s moderately affordable, and it holds a number of premium channels.  As we delve deeper into the GOtv Rwanda; packages, channels, and prices (latest update), we get to see that this is the second premium subscription with Supersport channels. It carries up to 50+ channels that not only bring local but also international coverage.  

GOtv Value bouquet & channels 

This is considered one of the cost-effective GOtv bouquets since it’s affordable and holds up to 20+ channels. This package gives you a variety of channels to choose from thus giving you different tastes in every category. The GOtv value subscription holds slightly more channels than the lite package which is considered the most affordable after GOtv Lite. 

GOtv Lite package & channels 

This is considered the most economical GOtv Rwanda subscription since it goes for the cheapest monthly subscription. Moreover, it comes with 12+ TV cable channels ranging from entertainment to local channels as well. This is the last bouquet in this GOtv Rwanda: packages, channels, and prices (latest update) list. One can make an annual payment for this package, or quarterly payments to enjoy their lite subscription without interruption. 

However, GOtv services are at introductory stages in Rwanda. This explains the few active subscriptions in the country. Rwandans are shifting to this digital TV service since it’s relatively affordable and convenient. GOtv brings you sports, entertainment, News, Documentaries, and even Kids/Cartoon channels. With the Gotv Rwanda; channel list, packages, and prices above, you can get your GOtv Rwanda bouquet today and start enjoying the marvelous TV experience. 

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