What is Cryptocurrency and How does it Work?

What is cryptocurrency? How does cryptocurrency work? These are common questions in the digital money world that we are going to answer today.  

Our post today is an ultimate cryptocurrency guide favorable for both beginners and experienced investors in the market.

What is the Best Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency Ultimate Guide- How Crypto Works

Cryptocurrency is digital money that is designed to be anonymous and secure. Cryptocurrency uses a system known as cryptography, which is a system of coding that converts normal information into a hard-to-crack code that tracks down transfers and purchases. 

Starting earlier as a method to secure information, cryptography has evolved over time to become a method to transact and secure money and information in the online world. In 2009, the first digital currency was created a d has remained relevant to date, this is Bitcoin.

Despite other numerous players emerging, bitcoin has remained the most common and highly used cryptocurrency. This year has seen Bitcoin rise to $40,000 per digital coin. 

How does Cryptocurrency Work? | Beginners 2022

Using a decentralized technology, cryptocurrency cryptocurrency let’s users store and make secure payments in the absence of a bank or personal information. Currency holders have a public ledger with all the information about all transactions and is updated each time a new transaction is made. 

Cryptocurrency can be obtained through minning or buying units with the usual money. Minning involves people solving tough mathematical queries to earn bitcoin units in return. Cryptocurrency is stored in digital wallets refered to as cryptographic wallets.  

Being a new technology and currency, cryptocurrency is set to take more roles and shape in the future financial world. There is a big possibility of stocks, bonds and more financial assets turning to crypto as a means for trading. 

What are the Best Cryptocurrencies to buy? 

  1. Ethereum (ETH)
  2. Binance Coin (BNB)
  3. Bitcoin (BTC)
  4. Uniswap
  5. Dogecoin
  6. ApeCoin
  7. Solana (SOL)
  8. Cardano (ADA)
  9. Avalanche (AVAX)
  10. Terra


Backed by Etherium has a number of cryptocurrencies built on its blockchain and this has significantly influenced its rise in ranks in the market. Ether experienced a tremendous rise in value of more than 32,000 percent (10$-3,500$) between 2016 and 2022.

Therefore, Ethereum is one of the top ranked Crypto coins we can recommend you to purchase. This cryptocurrency is expected to hit unpredictably high margins in the blockchain market in the future. Many investors have speculated the great potential this coin holds especially with the ongoing crypto market crisis faced by its competitors.


You can’t really hold a conversation about cryptocurrency without mentioning the most acknowledged crypto in the market capitalization. If you’re undecided about choosing the crypto coin you should move forward with, you can consider buying the Bitcoin regardless of its high price.

Quite arguably though, cryptocurrency has been an outstanding form of cryptocurrency that has been used in the crypto business for along time. The first Bitcoin was mined in January 2009, and it was around $20,000 over the years, there have been so many fluctuations, however, but it still ranks as a very reliable form of cryptocurrency. 

Due to its volatility traits, the BTC’s value has gone down in terms of value. The coin was struggling with stability in the first few months, but has managed to stay in the game and given investors hope that it might explode in the future.

Bitcoin Price Prediction 2022

It has been recommended by a number of crypto finance advisors and it’s relatively efficient. Its standard price stands at $40,000 as per the latest survey and it’s quite a good form to invest in. 

However, this doesn’t change the fact that it’s toplist in the Top 10 cryptocurrencies to invest in 2022. This crypto costs between $27,000-$34,000. Traders recommend investors to currently buy the BTC since it’s likely going to skyrocket to prices of upto 72,000$ before 2022 is over. It’s thereupon the most recommended currency for beginners seeking to explore the crypto trading market.

Best Cryptocurrencies to Invest in

Bitcoin cash

Like any other product in the market, the credibility of bitcoin has been questioned for a long time, especially considering the blockchain mechanism. There was quite a good level of risk attached with the slightly meager storage space on blockchain as attached to Bitcoin.

In trying to solve the problem, there arose another form of Bitcoin which is known as Bitcoin Cash. It has more storage and can go up to 8MB of storage space. Forming quite a better form of Bitcoin, many people have turned to it in the recent past and have since turned to be another quite big and marketable form of cryptocurrency.

More people have turned to this type of cryptocurrency form and have had it work so efficiently though it is not that popular. 


On the list of best cryptocurrencies to buy and invest in 2022, the Binance coin is one crypto coin to keep on the watch. This currency has the biggest Crypto exchange platform with a huge membership.

BNB has its own crypto wallet whereby its users trade and exchange under affordable commissions. The Binance crypto wallet is wisely used across the world by traders in investments, payment processing, and travel booking. It can even be used to purchase other coins such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Following the blockchain market crisis that has been going on in the past few months, the Binance’s price has fallen to as low as $400 multiple times in the year. You are therefore advised to buy the Crypto today since its value and price is expected to rise steadily in future.


Uniswap has steadily progressed previously and it has proven to rise to the ranks of top cryptocurrencies to invest in today. The Uniswap decentralized exchange system has highly contributed to its success in the crypto market.

The exchange platform allows its users to trade, and sell their digital tokens online without having to depend on a third party. This crypto coin has has grown and expanded in conjunction with project metaverse and NFTs.  Currently, the coin goes at a price of $18 per coin, and is expected to go to the moon in future.


The Dogecoin started off as a meme crypto coin on the internet but it’s progress and growth is yet to surprise many. The crypto has shown great potential recently especially after being endorsed by Elon Musk in 2022.

This most undervalued Crypto coin was going at a price of 0.002% at the start. In May 2021, the Dogecoin shot to 0.76$ a coin after Elon twitted about it thus achieving a 19,000% appreciation. It’s price however went down a few months later to 0.13$.

The Dogecoin is expected to to explode upto 1USD by the end of the year. Many investors have openly shown their faith in this cryptocurrency, it’s future looks Bright! If you’re a beginner seeking to invest in Crypto, you can trust the Dogecoin to be the next big thing in the blockchain market on the long-term.


This meme gaming coin was introduced by BAYC (Bored Ape Yatch Club) back in 2022. The ApeCoin has a host exchange platform for more than 10,000 NFTs. ApeCoin has administration and utility features adaptable to users which have influenced its fast-growing membership.

After the Apecoin was launched, one tokens was priced at $6.40 during the first months of the year. The price later exploded to $42. The ApeCoin project was also built in conjunction to the metaverse project.

This coin enables its users to make online purchases on shopping.io and access products on Amazon, eBay, Walmart, HomeDepot, and other online stores. You’ll receive a 2% discount for every purchase you make with this Crypto coin.


This Crypto coin has a centralized blockchain exchange system that allows users to perform financial trades and sales in the supply chain market. This project took off half a decade ago and got successfully launched in 2020.

The Solana has been steadily growing over the past two years thus gaining so much attention worldwide. In 2020, the price of Solana was $0.78 per token. Investors have speculated that this crypto will definitely rise to upto $440+ in days to come.


The Cardano crypto coin is another crypto-to-watch in 2022 due to it’s fast growing nature. This crypto has gained a lot of attention and acknowledgment from its inherent cryptocurrency, the ADA. The Cardano is therefore expected to enable advanced cobtracts and exchanges in the supply chain.

This coin is open to investment in 2022, and has shown a great potential of keeping the rise and exploding in no time. All you’ll require to enter and invest in this crypto coin is a certain deposit and you’ll be in.

Most experts and investors in this blockchain have suggested that the Cardano is likely going to boom, and eventually dominate the crypto market in future.

Terra (LUNA)

Terra is amongst the best cryptocurrencies worth investing in 2022. This crypto coin has gained popularity across the globe in the blockchain market. This digital token is expected to play a major role in the blockchain market as well as the financial sector.

This protocol was built specifically for stablecoins transfers to boost cryptocurrencies and other financial softwares. Unlike other protocols like Ethereum hosted by DeFi, the Terra coin is under Cosmos which is believed to contain more operational advantages.

Earlier investors of the Terra received huge returns in 2021 when the Terra went for 1$, in January. The crypto surprised investors when it shot to $108 later in March i.e. 16700%.

The price however went down a couple of months later due to the LUNA coins inflation crisis in the market. This crypto is therefore a recommendable crypto coin to buy in 2022 since it’s expected make an appreciation of more than 300% by the end of 2022.


With Charlie Lee’s idea of making a silver coin for bitcoin’s gold coin, there arose a very simple form of cryptocurrency that is very simple and easy to use. For example, while others like Bitcoin can take up to ten minutes to confirm, lite can take only a maximum of 3minutes to confirm.

It is comfortable with PC in terms of monitoring unlike others and it sounds so simple to work with. The idea of Lee might have been achieved to some extent and this might be a good choice for the best cryptocurrency 2021 considering the level of simplicity attached. 

Why is cryptocurrency so popular? 

Cryptocurrency has been so popular and gained a lot of users and supporters over time. Here are some of the reasons that make cryptocurrency so popular. 

How Cryptocurrency Works

Benefits of Investing in Cryptocurrency

  • Fans of cryptocurrency like the fact that it is not controlled by banks especially the central banks which cause inflation, thereby reducing the value of money. 
  • People who support crypto believe that it’s what shall become future money. They believe that the value of cryptocurrency shall increase over time and eventually replace current money. They are therefore buying a lot of it ‘early before it’s value hikes’ 
  • A group of cryptocurrency supporters isn’t interested in the possibility of it replacing money. However, the trade cryptocurrency appreciates in value. 

How To Invest in Cryptocurrency for Beginners- Guide

As much as cryptocurrencies keep appreciate in value, they do not generate cash flow. The logic behind profit in cryptocurrency is when another member pays more for crypto making the one who bought for less profit. There is no real increase in value like there is in business. For a business, there is an improvement in operations, profitability, and cash flow.  

Cryptocurrency may not be so safe. Some experience and top investors have also raised concerns over key aspects that make it impossible to replace money with cryptocurrency. For instance, Warren Buffett gave a comparison of cryptocurrency and money, he likened cryptocurrency as checks, as much as checks are very efficient in transferring money, they cannot replace money, and such is cryptocurrency. 

For a currency to be created as the main store and exchange of value, it has to attain stability, something that cryptocurrencies have failed to achieve. A stable currency helps traders determine the fail price for commodities. In December 2017, the Bitcoin hiked to $20,000, later the following year it had fallen to $3,200. It gained over time and by December 2020 the value was up again. 

The hope of cryptocurrency becoming the future money makes its trading strained. Most buyers prefer to keep their crypto waiting for profit when it becomes the main currency and increases in value. The result is that people are less likely to trade cryptocurrency reducing their chances of becoming a currency.  

Legality of Cryptocurrency and Regulations

Legality of cryptocurrency depends on each states or countries decition. In the United States, cryptocurrency is legal and investors are already trading. In other states like china, cryptocurrency is banned. Being a relatively new and unexploited idea, there have emerged a lot of fraudsters taking advantage of the buyer ignorance to con them, stay aware of such scammers. 

Why should I Buy and Invest in Crypto? 

The main reason for using cryptocurrency is that they are secure and do not have reversals or any tricks. The transaction fees are also low while the currency is available to everyone due to their decentralised system. 

Most investors go into cryptocurrency with the hope that it shall increase in value so they can get profits. Others are investing in crupto with the hope that it is the currency of the future and therefore shall be of high value and hard to attain in future. 

How to Buy and Invest in Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency can be bought using dollars, however, some cryptocurrencies need to be bought using other cryptocurrencies. In order to buy cryptocurrencies, you first have to get an online wallet from where you shall use dollars to buy cryptocurrencies like bitcoin. There are a number of these brokers including: 

  • Coinbase 
  • Etoro 
  • Robinhood 
  • Tradestation 
  • Sofi active investing 

How to Buy Bitcoin and other Crypto Safely

Before you buy bitcoins, we thought you need to be aware of the following facts: 

  • There lacks a financial service compensation for bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. It is upon you, the investor, to keep your bitcoins safe. In case an online wallet gets hacked and your bitcoins go missing, you lose it with no compensation. To keep away from such instances, investors keep their coins in separate offline wallets. 
  • Bitcoin scamming is growing. There are a number of scam websites and marketers who are selling non-existent bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies to unsuspecting investors. In order to avoid this, just stick to the common and proven sellers which are Coinbase, Etoro, or CoinCorner. 

What is cryptocurrency? How cryptocurrency works 

We hope you now comprehend what cryptocurrency is and how it works. As much as some investors view cryptocurrency as the currency of the future, it still got a long way to go, especially in the instability of its value.

Currently, most investors are buying cryptocurrencies with the hope of selling them in the near future when prices hike. It is now upon you to decide whether you shall invest in cryptocurrencies or not. 

Best cryptocurrencies to buy today

With the changes in technology and the general way of doing things, we ought to turn to everything that is compatible with the high level of technology that guides our day to day lives in this century. It’s the same with cash and currency.

As a result, people have turned to the new way of storing enormous cash in invisible wallets. We are basically talking about cryptocurrency. Today our major focus will be on the most effective, the easiest to access, and the best and generally the best cryptocurrency.

Top Crypto to Invest in 2022

To be up to date, we will focus on the best cryptocurrency rather than the cryptocurrency wallets considering that the wallets are a different wide topic of their own. Now, what is the best cryptocurrency worth investing in today? 

There are so many forms of cryptocurrency that are so efficient. The major, most common type of cryptocurrency is Bitcoin, which so many people are conversant with and seems to work out quite well for many crypto investors. We are then about to find out which type of cryptocurrency is likely to work out best for us in 2022/2023 considering the changing times and the relative efficiency in terms of operating.

We are basically talking about the forms of cryptocurrency that can work out like any other that we might have thought to be the best. It is important to note that the most popular form of cryptocurrency that many people tend to believe in is Bitcoin, for more than a decade now, most people who venture into cryptocurrency investments tend to think it is all about Bitcoin.

That is exactly why we are specifically talking about the best form of cryptocurrency, not to rank, but to find out the best from the features available and how they specifically work. 

However, before we get to find out which one is the most workable, we have to look into; what are these features that can make us decide on the best type of cryptocurrency that is the best cryptocurrency. 

Factors to consider before Investing in any cryptocurrency 

1. Familiarity with the Digital assets

The most important thing that we have to know is what we are dealing with. We cannot talk about the best cryptocurrency unless we know what we mean by cryptocurrency and the base or foundation of the same. That is what we mean by digital assets, we are therefore required to know the digital assets that we have onboard and their advantages and disadvantages at the same time.

Just getting familiar with what we are doing and at the to help us firm the correct base of what we are having as our cryptocurrency forms. The exchange of digital assets can be in form of other soft cash forms of crypto. This is why we ought to be familiar with all our digital assets and how we can change them to reliable cryptocurrency forms. 

2. Their availability

We already have so many of these cryptocurrency forms, some look quite similar while others have little differences in terms of how they operate. We have to know which one is available in which form and how costly they are if, for example, they were to be exchanged for normal cash.

Some may be quite expensive in terms of cash and quite hard to find while some at the same time might be very available and relatively cheap. The best cryptocurrency is one that is very available. With availability, we mean how easy it can be to find and exchange. 

3. The relative risk tolerance

Risk tolerance is one thing that we ought to be sure of when it comes to any form of currency. Cryptocurrency is therefore another form of currency that can be so sensitive when it comes to matters of risk tolerance.

The best thing is therefore to make sure that any cryptocurrency firm we choose to go for is very risk-tolerant. It means that it should be one that has the ability to stand out against any form of risk. Trust a firm that is legible and one that is well trusted with all the forms of risk mainly, the risk of losing what is available in the crypto wallet. 

Which Crypto should I Buy?

There are so many other firms of cryptocurrency that have not been talked about and others that are even not that popular. However what e have talked about is why many people tend to trust more and considering the features, many could want to have them as their best cryptocurrency form for 2022.

The good thing is that we have a lot to consider and what we have talked about is just a little of what we need to know. It is therefore important to have a glimpse of what we’re talking about and select from the many available currencies which one to go for. Our interest should therefore on the features that make up the best of what we desire to invest in. Now, what is your best cryptocurrency for 2021? Find out. 

Best Cryptocurrency Wallets Currently

Since its emergence in 2009, cryptocurrency has been the most widely used form of new generation currency that has proven excellent in matters of soft investment, of course leaving out these other forms of soft currency.

So many people have ever since j vested in cryptocurrency and to some extent, it has been successful. Why to some extent? That’s where our big question comes in, is there anything to worry about? Let’s find out. Now, what is the best cryptocurrency wallet?  

Which is the Best Crypto Wallet?

Definitely, we got something to worry about and in this case, let’s just talk about the security of our crypto investments. A Bitcoin, for example, costs up to tens of million dollars.

What is the Best Crypto Wallet?

How sure are we that those many millions are safe in the form of cryptocurrency if we are at all not sure about how secure the wallet we are using or we intend to use is? That’s the major issue.

How do we know we are safely investing in crypto? It’s then definitely important to think about which of these wallets is the best not in terms of security alone but in all aspects of the broad sense of investment.


We, therefore, find it of good use to briefly review some of the available cryptocurrency wallets and see how well they work as we shorten the considerations for any of us who is at all interested in investing in cryptocurrency. 

Types of Cryptocurrency Wallets

  1. Hot Cryptocurrency Wallets
  2. Cold Cryptocurrency Wallets

Hot Crypto Wallets

Hot crypto wallets can be used and accessed by the trader via their computer or mobile to manage and trade their cryptocurrencies online. Some of these digital wallets can even be accessed using a certain browser where public and private keys are stored, thus their high level of convenience. They are however known to have a security limitation due to their cyber attack vulnerability.

Cold Crypto Wallets

Cold wallets can be used to store the user’s digital keys on an offline page. These hardware are built and optimized to conquer insecurities from hackers since they’re usually hard-to-crack software. The USB-cold-wallet requires the user to have the digital keys stored somewhere to avoid losing access to your digital assets. Therefore, you have to save these keys somewhere to make sure your security system is intact and easily accessible.

Some outstanding cryptocurrency wallets 

There are many forms of crypto currency and each of them has its own compatibility and suited use. Let’s look into some of the major wallets but in different segments. 

15 Top Crypto Wallets of 2022

  1. Exodus
  2. Coinbase
  3. Electrum
  4. Mycelium
  5. Ledger Nano X
  6. Trezor Model
  7. Ledger Nano S
  8. Metamask
  9. Trust Wallet
  10. Ambire
  11. BitGo
  12. StakedWallet.io
  13. Coinomi
  14. Xapo
  15. SimpleHold

Exodus Crypto Bitcoin Wallet

  • Wide range of Cryptocurrencies
  • Has a Built-in Exchange
  • Good Customer service
  • Closed-source software

Exodus Overview

This is one of the most widely used forms of cryptocurrency is Bitcoin. Since it is the most outstanding form, people tend to think about it whenever there’s mention of anything to do with cryptocurrency.

Now, one of the best Bitcoin wallets in the world is the Exodus. It’s the best for first-time users and beginners since it is customized for easy registration and access. It is free and quite safe. Like any other, it has one major popular feature, which is its ability to work with a number of changing cryptocurrency forms.

It has a very simple user interface equipped with great compatibility with trezor and of course not forgetting the great support interface which is important for first-time users. It is a good wallet because of its simplicity and ability at the same time. It is a hot wallet type and is well compatible with both mobile and desktop. One feature of the best cryptocurrency wallet being compatibility. 

Coinbase Crypto Wallet

  • Charges only network fee
  • Supports more than 500 assets
  • Supports storage of NFTs
  • Enables Web3 App accessibility using dAPP browser
  • Not an Open-source
  • Poor Customer support history

Coinbase Overview

The Coinbase wallet is one of the mostly-used, acknowledged and high-security crypto wallet worldwide. This makes it the most suitable for beginner traders with meager or no experience at all seeking the best Crypto wallets for cryptocurrency trade in 2022.

This Crypto and Bitcoin wallet is compatible with a majority of superior and popular bank accounts in the world. The Coinbase wallet is also known for its friendly user-interface, and a comprehendible 3-tab-layout with simple user functions. The Coinbase crypto wallet can not only store digital tokens and NFTs, but also support 500+ cryptocurrencies in the blockchain market.

A user can use the Coinbase wallet without having to sign up with the Coinbase crypto exchange protocol. The wallet is considered safe and thus assuring security for your stored cryptocurrencies.

Trezor Hardware Crypto Wallet

The Trezor Model is amongst the most recognized hardware Cryptocurrency wallets in the world. Both Trezor models are multi-asset wallets which have exceptional security features thus becoming many traders’ favorite wallet.

This crypto and Bitcoin wallet is suitable for Exodus users since it’s built and optimized in alliance to the Trezor wallet models.

Electrum Crypto Wallet

  • Simple to set up
  • Transaction fees are customizable
  • Exclusive security than other Hot wallets
  • No Server Downtime
  • Only adaptable to Bitcoin
  • Lacks Chat, e-mail, and phone customer service
  • Its interface and setup is not suitable for beginners

Electrum Overview

The Electrum is an open-source Crypto wallet which is popular for its exclusive customization features, as well as its considerable security system. The wallet is also amongst the first wallets in the crypto market since its still one of the few platforms exclusive compatible and suitable for Bitcoin (BTC) exchange.

This Crypto wallet is widely used in the blockchain market due to its outstanding security features and customizable transaction fees. Moreover, the wallet is known to use Light clients who tend to use less space during the transaction, unlike traditional-wallet clients. The Electrum uses an SPV (Simple Payment Verification) which downloads only specific blockchain parts thus speeding up the transactions running under its unmatched security system.

Mycelium Bitcoin wallet

  • Transaction fees are customizable
  • Hardware wallets compatibility
  • Open source software
  • Compatible with mobile only
  • Seemingly confusing for beginners

Mycelium Overview

This is another hot wallet type with it’s greatest compatibility on mobile. It is not that difficult to use and it has been proven safe. To add on that it is a free purchase wallet that only needs the registration and the investment follows as appropriate. Talk about the wallet with the easiest customizable transaction fee and a widely interactive user interface. Another big feature we ought to note is that the interactive user package allows us the opportunity to decide for how long we are going to wait for a transaction to be completed. It is quite compatible with other forms of crypto but the major compatibility lies on its ability to safely accommodate Bitcoin. 

Ledger Nano S Wallet

Talking of crypto beyond-Bitcoin crypto wallets, there are many other forms of cryptocurrency that people tend to consider apart from crypto. It is important that we check into them and see the features that make them better than bitcoin wallets at times. Ledger Nano S is one of the cryptocurrency hardware available in the world.

Its use has been proven to be of great importance since it can accommodate Bitcoin, trezor, Ethereum and a their tokens plus 30 other forms of crypto available. The best thing with it is that it is as small as a USB flash drive, foldable type that means it is hassle free and can be used almost everywhere.

Ledger Nano S has great compatibility when it comes to it’s use and the major forms of protection employed in others. It’s use is relatively easy and simple considering it’s interactive user interface. 

Ledger Nano X Hardware Wallet

  • Supports vast digital assets
  • Special security hardware to encrypt private keys
  • Bluetooth feature for Ledger X Live exchanges
  • 8-hour in-built battery
  • Expensive unlike Cold wallets
  • Privacy concerns due to Bluetooth usage
  • Lacks Touch-screen feature

Ledger Nano X Overview

This multi-asset hardware cryptocurrency wallet is suitable for offline exchange transactions, has topnotch security measures, and perfectly favors mobile users. This wallet supports more than 1800 crypto coins.

Talk about the most advanced form of technology in crypto currency hardware often known as the rolls Royce of cryptocurrency which has Bluetooth connectivity and looks so much like an Apple iPad. It is far much better than any other known form of crypto hardware. The Bluetooth feature is usually activated occasionally during live crypto exchanges on IOS and Android devices.

It has a large enough touch screen which helps you do all the settings especially on the security features. It is compatible with all forms of cryptocurrency and it’s user interface is as simple as that of mobile. It might be quite costly but it is the safest compared to others of its kind. It is very light in weight and works with over 20 types of crypto currencies. It’s efficiency and workability is worth it’s cost. 

Compare Best Bitcoin Wallets

Crypto WalletTypeCostBuilt-In ExchangeCompatible Hardware
(Best for Beginners)
(Best for Advanced Users)
(Best for Mobile Users)
Ledger Nano X
(Best Hardware Wallet)
Trezor Model T
(Best for Security)
Ledger Nano S
(Best Bang for your Buck)
Wallets to Store Crypto Safely

Which is the best Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Wallet?

One thing we ought to understand is that these wallets vary so much and there are many kinds arising by the side with a greatly doubted credibility, meaning they might be less safe compared to others. To make sure we are safe without crypto investments, we should see that we go through the information provided about the types we want to go for. 

There are many but few are worth investing in. More especially, we have talked about the security of our funds. The ones reviewed above are of good quality but they’re not the only credible crypto wallets we can invest in.

The most important thing is to know what we’re doing and find out what these features that make them outstanding are. It’s easier to find the best crypto currency wallet with some features in mind. 

An Updated List of Best Cryptocurrency apps

As times go by, it is getting easier and easier to do anything via mobile. Cryptocurrency trading is no exception. It is now easier to come up with a buy, sell and manage the funds via smartphone on Android or even iPhone.

The convenience gets greater and better with the development of applications that support cryptocurrency trade and management. We, therefore, find it important to briefly go through a number of applications that are relevant to cryptocurrency in general.

As a matter of fact, not all of them are credible and that convenient, we then have to find out the best cryptocurrency apps before we think of handling crypto on mobile. 

Factors to consider for the best cryptocurrency app 

  1. Security
  2. Availability
  3. Customer support
  4. Is it Up-to-date?
  5. Customer Fees
  6. Is it User-friendly?
  7. Currencies it supports
  8. Location

The worst thing about cryptocurrency is the fact that once a transaction is initiated, it might be hard to trace the progress not until in the end if at all it was a safe transaction. That is why we have emphasized the level of s security.

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The app that we choose as the best should be able to guarantee security for our investment. Preferably, we should consider an application with two-factor authentication as well as back-end encryption which together guarantee the security of our crypto investment.

This is very important to consider since at this point, it’s very easy for hackers and scammers to break into one’s account which may lead to great losses. 


Cryptocurrencies keep on changing the way they work. They develop and they change the way they work overtime, therefore an ideal app will give us real-time information about what is happening with the crypto world at a certain time, and here it’s relevant to know that it is available within the area we are in.

It is important since it provides information relevant to the tax constraints and the relative availability in the specific place we live in. So it is important to make sure that the application is relevant to the type of cryptocurrency available in the place we live in. 

Is it up to date? 

Find an application that is updated with the latest forms of cryptocurrency and is compatible with the ever-changing cryptocurrency forms and changing market prices. There are many apps but many of them tend to be restrained to some form of cryptocurrency or some way of operation.

It is therefore nice to do a little analysis of what we have in place and find out the best cryptocurrency app in terms of up-to-date information and system of working.

Top 10 cryptocurrency apps to Trade

Now, after going through the important features that the best cryptocurrency apps should have, we can go through a few of the recommended applications, basing on what we have discussed above.

Best cryptocurrency apps 2022

  1. Gemini
  2. Coinbase
  3. Voyager
  4. Binance.US
  5. BlockFi
  6. Robinhood
  7. SoFi
  8. Etoro
  9. Cash App

Now the ones we are going through are just but a few among the many available in the market and it is purposeful to let us see what an ideal cryptocurrency application looks like, to make it easier for us to choose. 

1. Gemini 

Simplicity in creating a cryptocurrency portfolio, managing wallets, and transfer of the same is very important since many people get pissed of at the earliest stages of creating the portfolios.

Gemini is therefore easy to manage and work with the app. If your best cryptocurrency app is one that is simple to use, we can talk about Gemini as the best. The fact that this application is simple to use and manage, it is guaranteed that we can find an easy time in tracking the progress of all the ongoing progress.

Consider Gemini for all the simplicity and ease to use with all the available tools, simple to work with. It is compatible with many available cryptocurrency forms. 

2. Coinbase 

Are you a beginner? Here is the best cryptocurrency application for beginners and it is the best suit for anyone who is thinking to get started on crypto. Through coin base, we can get to learn a lot concerning the cryptocurrency wallets, how they operate, their availability, and at the same time get to invest in cryptocurrency.

Coinbase is so good for the first step. It totally free to get started and it is perfectly available in a number of countries. However, in some, it is still not available though there are plans to make it available.  

3. Voyager 

Are you an iPhone user? Here is the best perfect choice if you want to get started in cryptocurrency. This application is free to join and offers a $25 dollar Bitcoin for signing up. In simplicity, it is the best cryptocurrency application in terms of simplicity on the iPhone.

It has simple-to-use applications that are very applicable to the iPhone system to help in tracking the progress with little difficulty. Voyager includes news updates and a number of secure exchange tools for ease of use. Any cryptocurrency investor on iPhone would better consider this. 

4. BlockFi 

If you ever consider having a cryptocurrency application that is compatible with all the software systems, this might be the best. We should therefore take into consideration the system restrictions sometimes institutional and some according to the tax constraints and commercial laws.

We should therefore find an application that is compatible with the available system constraints and laws. This one is great for exchange and quite easy to use with a number of systems related to cryptocurrency channels. Block Fi can work for institutional investments and a number of regulations related to cryptocurrency. It is a safe application to use for large investments in cryptocurrency. 

The most emphasis is placed on the ease of use in terms of tracking progress, exchanging value and wallets, and all that comes with having easy-to-use tools. It is therefore good to consider all that in the choice we want to make on a cryptocurrency application.

Security is also very important and a major consideration when it comes to the important things that make one the best cryptocurrency application. We should have an easy time getting started and using whatever application we choose. Which one is your best cryptocurrency app? 

What is Cryptocurrency? How it Works- FAQs

Which is the best app to buy Cryptocurrency in 2022?

Below is a list of the best cryptocurrency apps in the market currently:
1. eToro- Best App Overall
2. Bitstamp- Best for Low Fee crypto trading
3. Aqru- Best app for earning interest
4. DeFi Swap- Best Decentralized app, with friendly User Interface for trading.
5. Coinbase- Best App for crypto beginners
6. Crypto.com- Best App to purchase crypto via Debit card
7. Binance- Top alert-App best for Realtime Trading
8. OpenSea- Best NFT App
9. Blockfolio- Best portfolio-tracker App

Which is the best Cryptocurrency to invest in 2022?

When seeking the best cryptocurrency to invest in for 2022, you should consider exploring the following options:
• Uniswap
• Cardano
• Bitcoin
• Terra
• ApeCoin
• Binance coin
• Dogecoin

Which crptocurrency will go up in 2022?

Following the high blockchain market pressure Bitcoin is experiencing at the moment, many crypto traders have speculated that Ethereum (ETH-USD) is probably going to explode and go up in future due to the level of potential the currency has shown.

Which is the best Crypto wallet of 2022?

Here are the top 7 cryptocurrency and bitcoin wallets in 2022:
1. Exodus
2. Coinbase
3. Electrum
4. Mycelium
5. Ledger Nano X
6. Trezor Model T
7. Ledger Nano S

Which is the safest crypto wallet currently?

Here are the top picks for the safest crypto and bitcoin wallets recommendable for cryptocurrency traders currently?
1. Coinbase
2. Exodus
3. Electrum
4. Mycelium
5. Ledger Nano X
6. Ledger Nano S
7. Trezor Model T

Is Binance better than Coinbase?

When comparing these two wallets, we see that Binance is most suitable for individuals with experience in cryptocurrency lingo & investing options, whilst Coinbase on the other hand is built and meant for easy & convenient trading.

Which Cryptocurrency Coin has the best future?

Upon the market pressure being faced by the top crypto coin in the world initially (Bitcoin), currencies like Ethereum and the Dogecoin have shown great potential and they’ve been therefore speculated to the the next big cryptocurrencies in the Future.

Which is best cryptocurrency to buy in Kenya?

When seeking the best crypto to buy or invest in currently, there’s a variety of top currencies an investor can choose from. Considering the market capital for each, you can buy the Ethereum, Bitcoin, Binance, Tether, XRP and even the dogecoin; depending on their current performance in the crypto market.

Which Bitcoin wallet is the best in currently?

Below is a list of the best Crypto and Bitcoin wallet for cryptocurrency traders:
1. Exodus: Best for Beginner traders
2. Coinbase: Best for beginners
3. Electrum: Best for Advanced users
4. Mycelium: Best for Mobile
5. Ledger Nano X: Best Hardware wallet
6. Trezor Model T: Best for Security
7. Ledger Nano S: Best Bang for Your Buck

Which is the most secure type of Bitcoin wallet?

The most secure Crypto wallet types for your cryptocurrency are the Cold Wallets. These wallets however require experience and familiarity during set-up. You’re therefore required to learn about safe storage concepts of both cold and hot wallets.

How can I choose a Crypto wallet?

When choosing a wallet for your cryptocurrencies, you should consider going for the most acknowledged wallets holding the best reviews and ratings from users. However, if you’re seeking a wallet for a specific coin, you’re recommended to check out the coin’s dedicated wallet.

Can one Crypto wallet hold different Coins?

No, every cryptocurrency/coin has its own dedicated wallet built to suit its functionality and user experience. However, there are several multi-currency wallets which contains different crypto wallets under a single interface.

Can One crypto wallet hold multiple cryptocurrencies?

Absolutely, we have several multi-asset crypto wallets which are built to allow the user to hold more than one cryptocurrency. These wallets can carry multiple coins ranging from Bitcoin, Etherium, Litecoin and even so much more; under one interface.

Which is the largest Crypto exchange currently?

Based in the United States, Coinbase has proven to be the biggest Cryptocurrency exchange globally, trading 30+ cryptocurrencies.

How do I get my Bitcoin (BTC) Private key?

To get your Bitcoin private key/number, you can use a coin, or pencil & paper. You’re recommended to toss your coin two hundred and fifty six times to acquire the binary codes of a random key you’ll use as your ‘Private Key’. The Public key will be extracted from the private key.

How can I find the Public Key for my Wallet Address?

You can easily find the public key for your wallet address using the ‘Validate Address RPC-Call’ or ‘GetAddressInfo’ from your wallet. The user can retrieve the key using the ValidateAddress if only the address is their

Which is the best Crypto to invest in 2022?

Here are the 10 best Cryptocurrencies to invest in now:
1. Ethereum (ETH)
2. Binance Coin (BNB)
3. Bitcoin (BTC)
4. Uniswap
5. Dogecoin
6. ApeCoin
7. Solana (SOL)
8. Cardano (ADA)
9. Avalanche (AVAX)
10. Terra

Which is the Best cryptocurrency app to use?

Top Crypto apps to use in 2022:
1. Gemini
2. Coinbase
3. Voyager
4. Binance.US
5. BlockFi
6. Robinhood
7. SoFi
8. Etoro
9. Cash App
10. Aqru

Which is the best crypto app to use currently?

Here is the list of top cryptocurrency apps to use currently:
1. eToro- Best App Overall
2. Bitstamp- Best for Low Fee crypto trading
3. Aqru- Best app for earning interest
4. DeFi Swap- Best Decentralized app, with friendly User Interface for trading.
5. Coinbase- Best App for crypto beginners
6. Crypto.com- Best App to purchase crypto via Debit card
7. Binance- Top alert-App best for Realtime Trading
8. OpenSea- Best NFT App
9. Blockfolio- Best portfolio-tracker App

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