Best Iron Sheets (Mabati) In Kenya And Suppliers To Trust

Best Iron Sheets In Kenya And Suppliers To Trust

Roofing is one of the important phases when building a house. There are a number of roofing materials, however, the most common in Kenya are iron sheets locally referred to as mabati. There are different types of iron sheets in Kenya, each gives its unique finish. It’s your task to choose the best iron sheets (mabati) in Kenya and suppliers. In this guide, we shall take you through different types of mabati, their features, price, and suppliers.

What to consider when buying iron sheets in Kenya

Before buying iron sheets for your house, there are a number of factors to consider. The type of house and intention and duration of use comes into play here. Iron sheets best fit permanent houses and shall be a costly investment for a temporary house, below are the factors to consider.

Length and width

Consult your construction professionals, and let them tell you the correct length and width that shall work best for your house. Usually, you shall find mabati of lengths 2, 2.5, and 3 meters. For all the lengths, the width is usually 0.85 meters.


The gauge of iron sheets decides the thickness. The lower the gauge, the heavier the mabati. In Kenya, there are two gauges of mabati that is, 30 and 32. The heavy iron sheets are costlier than the light ones. Choose considering your budget and needs.


The cost of iron sheets in Kenya varies a lot. This is the central determining factor for many Kenyans. While most want to spend the least amount, it is advisable to use the best amount for your situation. Remember the heavier the gauge and longer, the costlier the mabati.


For color, you can choose between plain color and color. The plain colored mabati can be painted a color if your choice and are cheaper. Pre-colored mabati are costlier and come in custom colors. In Kenya, the common colors are red, blue, green, and black.

Factors to consider when choosing iron sheets suppliers in Kenya

Quality iron sheets only come from the best manufacturers and producers. Here are things to check for when deciding on the iron sheets supplier to choose for your project. Choose a supplier with the following qualities.

Choose a supplier with all types and sizes of iron sheets. This shall help you to choose your best option and save you the time you would have wasted moving from supplier to supplier.

Check for suppliers that are recognized by the manufacturers of the brands they are selling. Do a little background research to understand the manufacturers and ascertain the quality of their mabati.

Suppliers to trust shall only ask for payment after delivery. Ensure also that they offer delivery services so you don’t get stuck. Suppliers usually offer delivery services for bulk buyers.

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Common types of iron sheets in Kenya

There are different types of iron sheets depending on the manufacturer’s design. The common distinguishing factor is the style and shape of the ridges. Here are the best mabati types and designs to choose from.

Usual plain iron sheets

These are the common plain mabati usually with valley edges. These are the kind of mabati used in most residential houses in kenya.

Plain iron sheets

Oriental mabati

These are colored mabati which are styled in the design of tiles. Their ridges are designed to give the finished look of tiles.

Oriental mabati

Box profile mabati

For box profile mabati, the ridges are box-shaped and spaciously spaced.

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These are some of the designs of mabati that you shall find in Kenya. Choose your best and get a supplier you can trust you deliver to your site.

Box profile mabati

Transparent Mabati

These are the kind of mabati that are clear and are used majorly for ventilation purposes

Transparent mabati

Best Mabati Manufacturers In Kenya

Here, we present the best brands in Kenya where you can buy your iron sheets. Most of these brands might be known to you and can be found in local hardware outlets.

  • Maisha Mabati
  • Royal Mabati
  • Dumu zas mabati

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