Loan Apps Without CRB Check In Kenya 2022

Loan Apps Without CRB Check In Kenya

One thing lenders will always check for before they make a decision to lend to an interested borrower is the CRB list.

On the other hand, the borrowers do not like that at all. So it is better on their side when they come across one loaning app that doesn’t need to go checking in the CRB before lending.

Additionally, a potential borrower might be turned away because of the registration fees.  Now, let’s find out, whether there are loan apps that do not require any registration fees and do not have the CRB check.  

Checking the CRB record is quite important and it is a must-do for some loaning agencies. However not every loaning agency is interested in checking the last history of a potential borrower.

Before the Covind 19 pandemic struck, the loan apps, just like any other regulated loaning agencies, used to check for CRB records before they could give loans, however with the new set of regulations accompanying the pandemic, many loan apps are not able to check for CRB records.

This was due to the move to bar access from CRB records by the central bank of Kenya in April 2020. Since there are many microfinance and digital loaning agencies that are willing to continue with their business without having to check their client’s records, there are many digital agencies that still work without. 

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Loan Apps Without CRB Check In Kenya 2022

  1. Jazika loan app
  2. Tunzi loan app
  3. Usawa loan app
  4. Upazi loan app
  5. Kano loan app
  6. Craft loan app
  7. Utajiri loan app
  8. Dolax loan app
  9. Fadhili loan
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Loan Apps Without Registration Fees

  1. Bayes loan app
  2. Tala loan app
  3. Timiza loan app
  4. Branch loan app
  5. Mokash loan app
  6. Lion Cash loan app
  7. Timiza loan app
  8. Direct Cash loan app

Categories Of Loan Apps Barred From CRB

We have some categories of loaning apps that do not check for CRB records either as a result of the directive by the central bank or that they never checked even before the directive was given. 

1. Digital lenders not run by commercial banks 

All the digital lenders that are not run by the commercial banks in Kenya are not given the mandate to access the CRB records and consequently, they cannot check for CRB. Still, some under this category chose to check on CRB long even before the directive was issued. 

2. Those that use alternative data on the smartphones 

Since the beginning, there are those lenders who decided not to be checking on the CRB history of their clients but then opted for different options as per their terms of work. They could check for some other data on the client’s smartphone and those who qualify according to the given regulations would be considered for loans. 

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One thing with this kind of lender is that there is always something they do charge either as a processing fee or appraisal fee or even processing fees. Additionally,  some of these lenders charge very high-interest rates on their loans. As a borrower, consider the lender’s terms to see whether they suit you before taking on a loan. 

Those are just nine of our selected applications that do not check on the CRB  but there are many more.  However, we selected these because they tend to be a little cheaper with the fees and interests. There is still a lot more to consider and you can still do some little research to enable you to find the convenience you desire.  

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    Please I want the money to pay for my sons secondary school ,he is going to join but am out of cash now please need your help and later will clear pay the loan

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  3. help me with a loan of ksh30000 to pay my younger brother’s college fees and pay for my children’s medicine.

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