Instant Mobile Loan App Download In Kenya 2022


Instant Mobile Loan App Download In Kenya 2022

1. Safaricom M-Shwari

m-shwari loan mobile app

M-shwari is a paperless banking service by Safaricom. It allows Kenyans to borrow soft online loans and save their money for interest.

Since it’s inception, m-shwari has become popular and is used by most Kenyans. In case of an emergency, m-shwari shall come in handy.

To access m-shwari loans, you need a Safaricom line that has been transacting with Safaricom.

Savings on m-shwari Garner an interest of 6.65% per anum. The minimum amount you can borrow is 100 shillings, your credit score is calculated based on your transactions and credit history.

2. KCB MPesa

KCB MPesa is a mobile banking platform that has lending services.

KCB bank partners with Safaricom to bring you a platform where you can save and borrow money. This is among the most authentic apps in our list of Fast unsecured mobile loan apps in Kenya for emergencies.

To borrow from KCB MPesa, you must have a Safaricom sim card that has been operational.

You must also register with KCB MPesa via your phone sim toolkit. To access MPesa, visit your Safaricom sim toolkit.

3. Timiza by Barclays (ABSA)

Banks have complied with the revolutionary nature of mobile banking. Barclays Bank of Kenya now ABSA has developed timiza mobile banking app.

Through this app, you can do all your bank transactions and also borrow soft, fast unsecured mobile loans.

Timiza loan app can be downloaded from google play store or via USSD – *848#

4. Tala Loan App

As one of the pioneer loan apps in Kenya, tala loan app has been providing Kenyans soft unsecured mobile loans.

The mobile loan app is on play store and all you need is to download and start the application process, you receive your amount within a few minutes if you qualify.

You shall be needed to provide personal identification details during registration. Tala considered your previous loan history to assign and grow your loan limit.

Therefore, the more you transact and pay in time, the more the limit shoots.

When repaying, use the tala Paybill number which is 851900. You can choose to do partial payments or pay the whole amount.

5. Branch Loan App

Branch is one of the established international mobile lenders in Kenya. Through the branch mobile loan app, you can easily register, apply and get an instant loan.

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Just like tala, branch has been around for a long time now offering kenyans soft mobile loans of up to 70,000.

To get an instant mobile app loan from branch, download the branch app from the google play store. Open the application, follow the process to register and provide your details then apply.

If you qualify for the amount, you shall get your loan within 24 hours after applying. The other good thing with branch mobile loan app is that they do not charge rollover fees or any other fine fees that other apps charge

6. Ipesa mobile loan app in Kenya

Ipesa is another instant mobile loan application in Kenya that offers quick soft mobile loans of up to 50,000 shillings.

Ipesa stands out in the amount of time they allow for you to repay, you pay within 91 days and 180 days depending on the loan. With a 12% interest fee with no service charges or any other extra charges, this is an ideal application for those in need of instant cash for emergencies.

Your limit shall be increased depending on the promptness of your payment and the nature of your transactions.

7.Shika Mobile Loans

Shika loan app is among the 20 Best Fast unsecured mobile loan apps in Kenya for emergencies.

Shika is cool because it offers you more than just loans, it is an SMS application that also offers the latest news and text messaging services.

With Shika, the operation is different, it acts as a hub where borrowers interact with lenders to get quick instant mobile loans for their emergencies.

The nature of credits offers on the Shika app tend to focus more on the startup world, more so the agricultural, asset finance niches

8. Zenka Instant Mobile Loans

Zenka mobile loan app in Kenya brings a slightly different touch to their operation. With zenka, the first loan you are offered is interest and service fee-free, so you only have to return the exact amount you borrowed.

The returning period is 61 days which is a bit considerable for a soft loan. Zenka processes your loan in less than 10 minutes.
To get a quick emergency Loan from zenka, go to the Google play store and download it.

Open and follow the steps to register then apply for a loan.

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9. Okash

If you are in need of fast personal or business mobile loans, then Okash is the app for you.

Okash gas has been here in Kenya for a while providing Kenyans loans up to 60,000. With okash, the repayment period is custom and shall be determined by the details you provide.

Their interest rate is rather higher at 14%, however, you shall be able to get a quick loan and sort your emergency needs.

10. Zidisha loan app

Zidisha is a peer-to-peer lending platform, meaning that the app only offers a platform for peers to lend to each other.

Both the independent lender and the independent borrower should download the zidisha loan app from the play store and register to start using its services.

For the sake of security and safety of lenders’ monies and borrowers’ operations on the app, they have put in place strict personal details confirmation.

Therefore, you shall be needed to be running a business or employed, be on Facebook and active, have a national ID, have a good credit history, and have an operational Safaricom sim card.

11. Utunzi mobile loan app

Through safaricom MPesa, utunzi mobile app provides you quick instant mobile loans for emergencies.

For utunzi, you shall be required to pay a standard subscription fee of 400 shillings for account maintenance. It’s quite a hassle, however when you consider their loan limits, it is worth it.
Both businesses and individuals can benefit from instant loans of 300-1,000,000 shillings from utunzi mobile loan app. The repayment period ranges from 3 months to one year depending on the amount of loan borrowed.

You shall be charged a 12% fees for loan processing then pay a 12% interest on repayment.

12. Jazika

With an MPesa account and jazika mobile loan app, you can get instant mobile loans

All you have to do is download the Jazika app and begin the registration process. After you provide the details, they shall have to be verified by jazika officials before you are approved to apply for a loan.

Just like most of the other Loan apps, your credit limit shall increase with timely repayments.

Payment is done via jazika MPesa Paybill number which is 687035.

13. HF Whizz Mobile Credit App

The housing finance group brought the HF Whizz mobile credit app to the Kenyan market.

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Given the capital wealth and reputation of the parent company, this has become one of the most trusted and secure instant mobile loan apps in Kenya. To prevent you from losing your money when paying on MPesa Paybill, the Paybill I’d done for you automatically with the app.

All the other processes and operations are similar to the other applications.

You go to the play store, download, and register before borrowing a loan.

14. Kopa Cash

Kopa Cash disburses instant mobile loan apps into your mpesa or bank account immediately after approval. Your credit score is determined by the product you choose and can range from 1,000-50,000 Kenyan shillings.

The repayment period for kopa Cash mobile loan app is 3-4 months depending on the facility.

15. Haraka quick mobile loan app

The Haraka loan app works similarly to the list of the above loan apps. It can be found on google play for download.

After downloading, register and apply for the loan after approval. The credit score shall depend on the repayment and borrowing history. For higher credit limits, you should pay in time and borrow more.

You shall be needed to have an active Facebook account, national ID and provide your personal details for you to use the Haraka quick loan app.

16. Saida

For all those Airtel subscribers who have been missing a loan app, Saida is here to work for you and Safaricom customers too.

Once you grant the saida app permission, it accesses your mpesa transaction messages and other details that they use to gauge your loan limit.

Once you are approved to apply for a loan, it shall be disbursed to your mobile wallet account.

17. Fuliza MPesa

Fulizapesa is a revolutionary mobile loaning criterion by Safaricom where MPesa users can send or pay for goods and services with a loan overdraft without necessarily having a balance in their MPesa accounts.

Barely 2 years after its launch, MPesa fuliza has seen a massive user engagement just like most Safaricom products in Kenya.

18. Coopesa

This is another loan app similar to most of the above. The registration and lending process is simple.

Download the app from the play store and apply for a fast unsecured mobile loan in Kenya.

  1. 19. Credit Hela
  2. Apesa

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